As Petrov noted, it is thanks to the work of medical workers that it is possible not only to contain the spread of coronavirus infection, but also to achieve high results in vaccination and reduce mortality among the population.

According to him, the government and regional authorities are taking measures to provide financial support to doctors involved in such work, but, as the deputy stressed, "no amount of money can compensate for health and stop burnout caused by prolonged stress."

“In this regard, I ask you to evaluate the idea of ​​providing doctors and medical personnel involved in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection with additional days of paid leave so that they can additionally rest and recuperate,” the appeal says.

The interlocutor of RT explained that this measure will "help increase the efficiency of the work of medical workers," and will also have a beneficial effect on patients who will be looked after by rested doctors.

Earlier, a member of the Public Chamber, Sultan Khamzayev, offered to reward medical personnel who provide mass vaccination of the population.