Covid-19 in France: the 3rd dose injection campaign begins in the Ephad

A resident of Ephad André-Harambillet in Bayonne receiving a dose of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, January 8, 2021. AP - Bob Edme

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Following the recommendations of the French health authorities, the government launched, Monday, September 13, the campaign to inject a third dose of anti-Covid-19 vaccine into the Ephad.

Some 600,000 seniors are affected.


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They were the first to be affected when the Covid-19 vaccination campaign began at the end of December 2020. They are now the first to

receive a 3rd dose


Dependent elderly people residing in specialized establishments (Ehpad) can receive it from this Monday, September 13.

For the occasion, Jean Castex went

to an Ehpad

in Clamart, in the Hauts-de-Seine, to attend the first injections.


For the most vulnerable people, over time, the effectiveness of vaccination decreases,

 ” he said.

The Prime Minister recalled that residents of nursing homes " 

paid a very heavy price

 " at the start of the epidemic: according to official figures, 26,700 of them lost their lives, or nearly a quarter of the deaths due. to Covid-19 in France (more than 116,000 victims so far).

Proof by example:

- Jean Castex (@JeanCASTEX) September 13, 2021

According to Jean Castex, 90% of nursing home residents received two doses;

thus, the " 

death rate, and even disease rate, has dropped dramatically

 " in this segment of the population.

But the head of government also invited the " 

5 million (people, Editor's note) over 65 who had their second dose six months ago

 ", or their first and only (if they have already had the Covid -19), to make an appointment to also benefit from a reminder.

“Even if we are seeing an improvement in the epidemic situation in the country, we are not immune to a new wave of viral mutations.

The disease has accustomed us to this.

Vaccination remains the main weapon "

Jean Castex on the start of the injection campaign for a 3rd dose of Covid-19 vaccine

In France, there are 8 million people who have not yet received their first dose.

According to the Prime Minister, the public authorities are focusing their attention on them, in particular on " 

the most vulnerable among them


He believes that it is " 

not necessarily doctrinaire opponents of vaccination

 " and that " 

we must go and find them where they are


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