A Russian nuclear submarine launches a "carrier killer" missile.. Video

The nuclear-powered submarine Ariol of the Russian Northern Fleet launched a "Granite" anti-ship cruise missile at a surface target at the fleet's combat training grounds in the Barents Sea.

This comes as part of exercises with an exploratory group in the Arctic, where the submarine launched the "Granite" missile from the water.

The conventional target was more than 100 kilometers away.

The submarine has a unique anti-ship missile system capable of hitting the enemy at a distance of up to 500 km.

Russia displayed for the first time the "Granite" missile, nicknamed the "Aircraft Carrier Killer", at the Military Industries Exhibition, which was held in a park in the city of Kubinka, on the outskirts of Moscow in 2016.

The anti-ship missile, which is hypersonic, has been dubbed the "Aircraft Carrier Killer" because of its power and speed.

Ships as well as Russian submarines use this type of missile.

It is the first missile to be equipped with an artificial brain that allows it to perform its function according to the principle of "shoot it and forget", that is, what is required is only to discover the target and launch a batch of missiles towards it, after which the missiles track the target and share roles among themselves to target the most dangerous places in it, i.e. in a carrier target aircraft.

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