It was last week that the Dalarna Region decided to investigate whether it is possible to introduce vaccine requirements for new hires.

An investigation that should be completed in early 2022.

- It is true that it is free whether you want to get vaccinated or not, but it is also not a human right to work at Region Dalarna, said the chairman of the regional board Ulf Berg (M) then.

Concerns among staff

The Dalarna region has been affected for several years by a shortage of healthcare staff and many have had their holidays canceled during the pandemic.

And among the care staff in the county, there is now a concern about the risk that people who intend to apply to the region now instead choose other employers.

- What would it do to you if you were vaccinated against your will for the sake of your employer?

asks one of the nurses that SVT's Agenda met.

- Even if you have been vaccinated, you may think that you do not want to work for this employer because you have introduced a compulsion, says another.

Coercion unethical according to the Medical-Ethical Council 

Healthcare professionals have a moral obligation to get vaccinated, according to the Swedish Medical Ethics Council, Smer.

According to the Council, coercion would not be ethically correct, but on the other hand, one can choose to relocate the unvaccinated or ask for vaccination at a job interview.

- The employee has a great responsibility to actually understand that you can not do this if you do not understand that you should vaccinate yourself.

The patient or the elderly do not choose where to be anywhere, one is in their home or in a ward and needs care.

Those who work there can choose not to be there, but a patient cannot do that, says Dag Larsson (S), member of Smer.

In the clip:

This is how the talk goes in the coffee room at Falu Hospital about the vaccination requirement - follow to the infection clinic


In SVT's Agenda Sunday 12 September:

In the program that is broadcast at 21.25 on SVT2, a longer report from Falu Hospital is shown and the topic is debated live in the studio.