In August, it was time to sow the rapeseed, which then blooms in April.

At best, almost 100,000 hectares of rapeseed are cultivated in Sweden, but before next year's harvest, farmers have made a big splash.

The rapeseed area has been increased by 25 percent.

- It's a record.

The biggest increase I can remember, says Anneli Kihlstrand, CEO of Sweden's seed and oil plant growers.

Historically high rapeseed price 

According to Sweden's seed and oil plant growers, the sharp increase is due to increased demand.

- The price of rapeseed is historically high.

Now you get almost one kroner more per kilo of rapeseed and then the farmers want to produce more.

You notice that rapeseed is a future crop, partly for cooking oil, partly for protein, but also in the conversion to fossil-free fuels, says Anneli Kihlstrand.

The crop rotation will be a challenge

In Skåne, about half of the Swedish rapeseed is already grown and it will only increase.

Both new and older rapeseed growers want to grow more.

But they are well aware that you can not grow as much as you like.

- If you grow rapeseed too often, you get a soil infection.

Therefore, farmers are careful to maintain a good crop rotation.

That is, you do not grow rapeseed in the same field more than every five or six years, says Anneli Kihlstrand.

See Anneli Kihlstrand, who is surrounded by hectares of sown rapeseed in Burlöv, in the clip above.