• Catalonia The independence movement revolts against Oriol Junqueras to the cry of "traitor"

  • Diada 2021 Aragonès boasts of sitting the Government at the independence table

In the

first Diada

after the

pardons to the prisoners of 1-O

, the independence movement is expected to mobilize.

And it will do so with an eye on the dialogue table between the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Government, scheduled for next week, which generates tensions and discrepancies between the parties and entities favorable to the independence of Catalonia.

The focus

will be on the

Barcelona demonstration

called by the ANC, which this year has the motto 'Lluitem i guanyem la independeència' ('Let's fight and win independence') and will now be a march to use unlike in recent years, more characterized by massive and static mobilizations that sought to fill large spaces in which they carried out some type of 'performance'.



will go down Via Laietana, passing in front of the Higher Headquarters of the National Police, and will end in front of Estació de França, where an act will be held with speeches by the presidents of the ANC, Elisenda Paluzie;

from Òmnium, Jordi Cuixart, and from the AMI, Jordi Gaseni.

It is expected that

the main leaders of ERC and Junts will



as well as the president of the Generalitat,

Pere Aragonès

, the majority of councilors of the Government and the president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, while the president of the group will be on the part of the CUP of the Parliament, Dolors Sabater.

For the convening entity, this demonstration seeks to show

that independence will be achieved by fighting from the mobilization of citizenship

together with the action of the institutions, and in recent days the Government and the pro-independence parties have defended that it should serve to once again demonstrate the "strength" of the sovereign movement.

However, it is foreseeable that the differences that exist in the face of the dialogue table will be made visible, which the independence movement faces divided:


is the only actor that clearly bets on the table,


constantly criticizes it although it participates in it,

the CUP

does not believe in the dialogue strategy despite the fact that it agreed with the Republicans to give it a two-year margin, and the


has taken a position against it.

16.56 Vilalta (ERC) asks the independence movement to "go to one" and take advantage of the dialogue table

The deputy general secretary and ERC spokesperson, Marta Vilalta, has asked the independence movement this Saturday to "join and go to one" and take advantage of all the opportunities to move forward, such as the dialogue table next week.

In statements in Plaza Catalunya before the Diada demonstration called by the ANC, he called for the streets of Barcelona to once again be "a clamor for freedom and independence", and to channel this citizen force to face the table dialogue with the aim of achieving self-determination and amnesty.

16.39 Aragonès (ERC) honors former president Josep Irla: "May his example guide us"

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has paid tribute this Saturday to the former president of the Generalitat Josep Irla in Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Girona): "May his example guide us".

Aragonès has described him as a representative of the anonymous perseverance that "decided to assume the responsibilities to give continuity to the country's national institutions, to continue from exile and in precariousness."

He assured that "all the conditions led to the Generalitat disappearing" but Irla decided to stand firm and work for the popular classes, he highlighted.

16.23 Incidents between far-right and left-wing pro-independence fighters in the Fossar

Independentists from the extreme right and extreme left have starred this Saturday at noon in incidents in the

Fossar de les Moreres

in Barcelona, ​​where they have engaged in a fight with throwing objects and blows.

At the Fossar de les Moreres, like every September 11 Day, groups and entities from the pro-independence left have gathered this Saturday, near where


, the youth organization linked to the


has organized its political act.

Among the stalls for the sale of materials that the groups have deployed in the Fossar de les Moreres, one of

Aliança Catalana

has been installed


a xenophobic group that promises on its website to promote "immigration policies that benefit Catalans, not foreigners". and they defend a "policy of zero tolerance with citizen insecurity, Islamic radicalism and terrorism."

This morning, a group of young people from the pro-independence left approached that post to knock down the table with the objects they had exhibited, amid shouts of "fascists."

"A group from the extreme left has violently destroyed our post at the Fossar de les Moreres, has attacked our supporters and has stolen material," Aliança Catalana denounced from Twitter.

15.58 Fernández (PP) defends a plural Catalonia in the face of nationalist "decadence"

The leader of the Catalan PP, Alejandro Fernández, has defended this Saturday a plural Catalonia in the face of nationalist "decadence" and has denied that the Day of September 11 is representing everyone.

He has declared this to journalists in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), the city he has chosen for his statements on the occasion of the Diada because, according to him, it represents plural Catalonia and also Catalonia "marginalized by separatism and forgotten by the Generalitat ".

He has assured that his party will never renounce the fact that all Catalans can live together whatever their ideologies and neither will it renounce the possibilities of Catalonia to recover "its economy, but above all it can recover its joy, optimism".

15.33 Ana Beltrán (PP) says that the independentistas have turned the Diada into a day of "confrontations"

The Undersecretary of Organization of the Popular Party, Ana Beltrán, has defended this Saturday that the celebration of the Diada in Catalonia, "which has always been a holiday, of all, has become a day that the independentistas have perverted" and He has also considered that now it is a day of "confrontations solely due to their political interests."

In this sense, Beltrán has demanded that all Catalans who "advocate constitutionalism and democracy" be taken into account, which, from his point of view, "right now is seriously harmed in Catalonia."

Beltrán has also described as a "more humiliation for all Spaniards" the dialogue table between the central government and the Generalitat of Catalonia scheduled for next week.

15.17 See Laporta's statements about Puigdemont

14.49 Vox: "We will never lower the flag"

"Unlike others, we will never lower the flag."

The phrase, from the leader of Vox in Catalonia,

Ignacio Garriga

, summarizes the letter of introduction with which a formation already in parliament debuts in this Diada since it won 11 seats in the last regional elections in February.

A figure that placed it directly ahead of Ciudadanos and the PP in the Catalan Parliament.

"We are the first force of national position to keep that promise," Garriga insisted this Saturday, vindicating Vox as the first party to confront the independence movement after the "collusion of the PSC with separatism."

Garriga thus closed a conference of the Foundation for the Defense of the Spanish Nation (DENAES) which, under the title 11-S: between myth and manipulation, has served Vox to question the very existence of the Diada on this 11th of September.

Not in vain, the proposal of the

Santiago Abascal party,

which has not joined any institutional act, involves celebrating the Day on an alternative date, reports

Noa de la Torre.

14.25 Arran burns photos of Giró, Sánchez Llibre and managers before Foment del Treball


has burned this Saturday in front of the headquarters of

Foment del Treball

photographs of the Minister of Economy of the Generalitat,

Jaume Giró;

the president of the Catalan employers' association,

Josep Sánchez Llibre,

and the presidents of


and Real Madrid,

Florentino Pérez,

and Iberdrola,

Ignacio Sánchez Galán.

They have done it during the celebration of the Day of September 11 during a demonstration in which they have traveled the streets of Barcelona, ​​Arran explained in a tweet collected by Europa Press.

They have also painted the facade of Foment with the phrase 'Your benefit, the misery of our people' and have signed the painting.

14.09 Beltrán de Heredia (PNV) defends that Catalonia can decide "freely and democratically"

The PNV spokesperson in the Senate, Estefanía Beltrán de Heredia, defended this Saturday that Catalonia can decide its future "freely and democratically" and stressed that the Catalan people will always have "the support of the PNV and solidarity of the Basque people ".

The representative has integrated, together with Imanol Landa, member of the Board of the Upper House, the EAJ-PNV delegation that has participated in Barcelona in the floral offering to Rafael Casanova on the occasion of the Diada of Catalonia.

Both have participated in this symbolic act together with a PDeCAT delegation headed by its general secretary, Àngels Chacón.

At the meeting, he defended that "the solution to the Catalan problem must come from dialogue, negotiation, agreement and respect for the majority will of the Catalan citizenry."

13.51 The Platform per la Llengua values ​​Catalan as an "essential element" of culture

The Plataforma per la Llengua has commemorated the Day of September 11, highlighting Catalan as an "essential element of Catalan culture and identity".

"We return to the street to make ourselves heard and celebrate with all of you this very day of ours," the entity said in a statement after participating in the traditional floral offering at the Rafael Casanova monument.

He highlighted that, in addition to Barcelona, ​​they are during this Day in other parts of Catalonia with volunteers from the territorial nuclei to carry out floral offerings and other activities.

13.35 Cuixart asks sovereignty to agree on a joint proposal for the dialogue table

The president of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, this Saturday asked all sovereign parties and institutions that lead to agree among themselves on a joint proposal to defend it at the Government-Generalitat dialogue table next week.

He said it at the Òmnium act on the occasion of the 'Fem-nos Lliures' Day, before members of these parties at a time of disagreement about this space for dialogue: only ERC clearly bets on the table;

Junts criticizes her although she participates in it;

The CUP does not believe in the dialogue strategy, although it agreed with the Republicans to give it a two-year margin, and the ANC is against it.

Cuixart, on behalf of Òmnium, has asked those attending the event not to renounce what has been achieved so far: "The State that denies the conflict has to sit sooner or later at the negotiating table, but we think that it will only be effective if it accepts self-determination. That is why we are here this September 11. "

13.15 The CUP accuses the commons of "recycling" the "expired" proposals of Mas

The president of the CUP in Parliament,

Dolors Sabater,

has accused

En Comú Podem

of "recycling from the dustbin of history" the "autonomist" proposals for Catalonia that the former president of the Generalitat Artur Mas raised in 2013 and that, has highlighted, "they are absolutely worn and expired".

This has been pointed out in the

Passeig Lluís Companys

in Barcelona shortly before the Òmnium Cultural act to commemorate the Diada of Catalonia, thus distancing itself from the rest of the independence groups, which have made parliaments next to the Rafael Casanova monument, where it has been carried out the traditional institutional floral offering.

"It has become very clear that what the commons are doing is recycling proposals from Convergència and Artur Mas from 2013 from the trash of history," said Sabater, for whom it is "absolutely inconceivable" that "someone would consider" adopting them.

12.57 Borràs encourages Catalans to participate in the Diada to achieve "a country without repression"

The president of the Parliament,

Laura Borràs

, this Saturday encouraged the


to participate in the events of the Diada to demand "a free and full country, and without repression."

He has said so in statements to the media after participating in the traditional wreath at the Rafael Casanova monument on the occasion of the Day of September 11, which he has described as an "act of memory."


Day of Catalonia

represents the last day that we lost the national consciousness of being a free country. This Day is the first without political prisoners but still with exiles and reprisals," he said, and asked to look back to see where part of the independence movement and look to the future to see where it goes.

12.49 Puigdemont reproaches the congratulations to Pedro Sánchez: "Concord is to respect the decisions of the Parliament"

The former president of the Generalitat

Carles Puigdemont

has reproached the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, this Saturday for congratulating the Diada by speaking of concord: "Respecting the decisions of the Parliament is the most positive thing and encourages concord more than dissolving it by decree, annulling it and not respect their laws ".

In a tweet on the occasion of the Diada, Puigdemont added that "it is the national holiday of


. It is not an opinion of any party, says a Law of Parliament approved unanimously."

Attach a previous tweet from Sánchez where the President of the Government says: "For a Diada where reunion, affection and harmony guide us. Let us move towards what unites us, let us work for a positive Catalonia, which is moving decisively towards the future of progress ".

12.26 Sánchez wishes a Day of "reunion": "Let's move towards what unites us, let's work for a positive Catalonia"


President of the Government


Pedro Sánchez

, has opted to celebrate this Saturday

a Day

of "reunion" and work for "a positive Catalonia".

"For a


in which reunion, affection and harmony guide us," Sánchez wrote on Twitter, to later wish

all Catalans

a happy



"Let's move towards what unites us, let's work for a



, which is moving decisively towards a future of progress," he stressed in his message, which he has published in both Spanish and Catalan.

12.10 Shouts and insults to the municipal group of the PP during the Diada

During the traditional floral offering in front of the Rafael Casanova monument, in Barcelona, ​​the municipal group of the PP has received whistles and insults from some attendees.

12.03 The CUP demands to convene the National Pact for self-determination and amnesty




Dolors Sabater

is another of those who made a call this Saturday for mobilization in the Diada and has demanded that the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonés, call the National Pact for the right of self-determination and amnesty.

In statements to journalists, he has also criticized the role of the commons in recent days because he considers "taking proposals that go nowhere from the trash can, proposals that Artur Mas already proposed in 2013."

This has been assured after this same Saturday the commons have opted for the dialogue table.

In addition, Sabater has accused the central government of not having the will to "solve the political conflict" and has taken credit from the

dialogue table

by stating, verbatim, that "it is useless."

11.54 Alianza Catalana denounces on Twitter that a group from the "extreme left" has violently destroyed its bus stop and attacked its supporters

"A group of the extreme left has violently destroyed our stop at

the Fossar de les Moreres

, has attacked our supporters and has stolen material", they have assured in their Twitter account, to later add that "without respect and tolerance, there will be no democracy ".

In the images they have shared, you can see how a group of young people destroy their stand and attack some attendees.

11:45 am ANC sees this Diada as an "opportunity" to demand independence unity

The president of the



Elisenda Paluzie

, has made a call this Saturday to participate in the

independence demonstration

called by the entity on the occasion of

the Diada

, which she considers an "opportunity" to demand strategic unity from the independence parties.

Paluzie pointed out that the demonstration is also an opportunity for the independence movement to feel "numerous, strong and determined" again.

"We will only have what we earn for ourselves. The message is very clear: let's fight and win independence, collectively, united, together, civil society, the popular independence movement. The independentist institutions and elected officials also have a responsibility," added Paluzie.

Paluzie has made

a call to gather at 4:30 p.m.

in Pau Claris street in Barcelona, ​​between Urquinaona square and Diagonal avenue, minutes before the demonstration called by the ANC begins, which this year will end in front of the Estación de France.

11.40 The singer-songwriter Lluís Llach assures that the Diada remembers the moment when "the Spanish State condemned" Catalonia to be "a colony"

The singer-songwriter

Lluís Llach

, a member of the so-called Council for the Republic, assured this Saturday that the day of the Diada, September 11, 1714, recalls the moment when "the Spanish State condemned" Catalonia to be a "colony" .

"We pay tribute to a hero of the resistance of 1714, on a day when what would become the Spanish State condemned us to be a colony," Llach said in his account.

It was after participating, together with a delegation from the Council for the Republic, a para-institutional body led by former president Carles Puigdemont from Brussels, in the floral offerings to the monument to Rafael Casanova in Barcelona, ​​a tradition in the celebrations of the Diada.

Antoni Castellà, member of the body, leader of Democrates and JxCat deputy in Parliament, also spoke.


has vindicated the Council for the Republic

as the "transversal organism" of the independence movement from which to draw up a roadmap, which it has defined as "the strategy of preparing ourselves", to complete the secession.

11.32 Laporta calls for the return of Puigdemont and ends the causes against the "reprisals"

The president of FC Barcelona,

Joan Laporta

, has also participated in the floral offering.

After doing so, he has demanded the return of former Catalan president

Carles Puigdemont

, fled in Belgium from the Spanish justice system for the independence process, and "end all the cases opened against those reprisals for the (unilateral referendum) of October 1".

Laporta, who recalled that

the Diada

serves to "vindicate the rights and freedoms of Catalonia", has expressed his wish that September 11 "is also a protest so that President Puigdemont and the other exiles can return to Catalonia and live in normalcy, and so that all the cases against the reprisals by October 1 end. "

11.20 Units pide al Govern de Cataluña y al Gobierno central abandonar "maximalismos" para llegar a pactos

El líder de Units, Ramon Espadaler, que también ha acudido a la tradicional ofrenda floral, ha pedido este sábado a la Generalitat y al Gobierno abandonar los "maximalismos" y favorecer los consensos para llegar a acuerdos, tanto para solucionar el conflicto catalán como para desencallar la ampliación del Aeropuerto de Barcelona, entre otros asuntos.

Espadaler también ha pedido al Govern que "se aclare" porque, a su juicio, en muchas ocasiones los socios del Ejecutivo tienen posiciones diferentes en muchas cuestiones, como el diálogo con el Gobierno, el Aeropuerto y los Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno de 2030.

11.17 El PDeCAT insta a ERC y Junts a abandonar el "tacticismo partidista"

La secretaria general del PDeCAT, Àngels Chacón, ha instado este sábado a los socios del Govern (ERC y Junts) a abandonar el "tacticismo partidista" y ha añadido que, si no saben hacerlo, dejen paso a quien sí puede.

"Los retos globales a los que se tiene que enfrentar Cataluña para generar oportunidades para toda la sociedad no pueden quedar en manos de estas pequeñas maniobras", ha asegurado.

11.09 Jordi Cuixart pide movilizarse en esta Diada para conseguir "la autodeterminación"

El presidente de Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, ha hecho un llamamiento este sábado a la movilización durante la Diada para conseguir "El ejercicio de autodeterminación y la república catalana".

Lo ha hecho en declaraciones a los medios después de participar en la tradicional ofrenda floral al monumento de Rafael Casanova con motivo de la Diada.

Se trata de la primera Diada en la que Cuixart participa tras salir de prisión, pero ha asegurado que "la represión todavía es una realidad en muchas personas y todavía hay exiliados", motivo por el cual ha advertido al Estado de que no pararán hasta conseguir su vuelta y una ley de amnistía.

11.05 El independentismo se revuelve contra Oriol Junqueras al grito de "traidor"

Malos augurios para ERC, que afronta esta Diada como un examen al liderazgo de Pere Aragonès y a su apuesta cerrada por entablar una negociación con el Gobierno para pactar un referéndum de independencia.

Anoche, en el arranque de su primer 11 de septiembre ser excarcelado, el líder de los republicanos, Oriol Junqueras, fue abucheado por los independentistas congregados para honrar a los fallecidos en la Guerra de Sucesión con la habitual marcha de antorchas que da inicio a la Diada. Fue recibido el indultado al grito de «botifler» (traidor) en el Fossar de les Moreres, cripta de los caídos en la batalla contra las tropas borbónicas, y por ende uno de los lugares más simbólicos para los promotores de la causa.

Lee la información de Víctor Mondelo en EL MUNDO.

10.50 Aragonès se jacta de sentar al Gobierno en la mesa de la independencia

Afronta Pere Aragonès una semana decisiva para su mandato cuando todavía no ha cumplido cuatro meses en el cargo. Tras enterrar el Gobierno la millonaria inversión de El Prat, el presidente de la Generalitat teme que también la mesa de negociación sobre el «conflicto» zozobre, lo que supondría ver demolido el puntal sobre el que el dirigente de ERC decidió edificar la legislatura.

Y es que a estas alturas, parece que Aragonès expresa más un deseo que un hecho fehaciente, pues el Gobierno sigue sin confirmar su presencia a la cita, ni mucho menos la de Pedro Sánchez, a quien el president reclama para conceder a la cumbre el empaque necesario.

Lee la información completa de Víctor Mondelo en EL MUNDO.

10.29 Sociedad Civil Catalana: "La Diada de hoy es el funeral de un Procés agotado y tóxico"

Sociedad Civil Catalana asegura que la Diada de 2021 "es el funeral cívico de un proceso tóxico y agotador, que ha cortado las alas de Cataluña durante los últimos diez años". El presidente de la entidad, Fernando Sánchez Costa, ha valorado así en Terrassa la fiesta de Cataluña. "Los catalanes han desconectado del Proceso independentista, porque saben que es sinónimo de declive económico y social. La desmovilización independentista que vemos hoy convierte esta Diada en una especie de ceremonia de despedida de un movimiento sin recorrido".

Para la asociación constitucionalista, el fiasco del Prat es la gota que colma el vaso. "Los líderes independentistas llevan años comportándose con una gran irresponsabilidad e infantilismo. A ellos les hacen mucha gracia sus operetas, pero fuera las cosas van en serio". Sánchez Costa ha recordado que la inseguridad jurídica y el caos político se pagan siempre con la pérdida de inversiones y puestos de trabajo. "El Procés nos ha robado una década y ha impedido el despegue de Cataluña en el siglo XXI".

10.20 El independentismo se moviliza este sábado por la Diada con la vista puesta en la mesa de diálogo

El independentismo se movilizará este sábado con motivo de la Diada del 11 de Septiembre y lo hará con la vista puesta en la mesa de diálogo entre la Generalitat y el Gobiernoprevista para la semana que viene, que genera tensiones y discrepancias entre los partidos y entidades favorables a la independencia de Cataluña.

Después de que el año pasado fuera la Diada más rebajada de los últimos años a causa de las restricciones por la pandemia del coronavirus, en esta ocasión se celebrará ya con más normalidad pero todavía condicionada por las limitaciones de la Covid-19.

El foco estará en la manifestación de Barcelona convocada por la ANC, que este año tiene como lema 'Lluitem i guanyem la independència' ('Luchemos y ganemos la independencia') y será ahora una marcha al uso a diferencia de los últimos años, más caracterizados por movilizaciones masivas y estáticas que buscaban llenar grandes espacios en los que realizaban algún tipo de 'performance'.

La manifestación, que se podrá celebrar porque el Govern ha levantado a partir de este viernes las restricciones a la reunión de personas, comenzará en plaza Urquinaona, donde hubo grandes disturbios tras la sentencia del 1-O. Bajará por la Via Laietana, pasando por delante de la Comisaría de la Policía Nacional, y terminará frente a la Estació de França, donde se celebrará un acto con las intervenciones de los presidente de la ANC, Elisenda Paluzie; de Òmnium, Jordi Cuixart, y de la AMI, Jordi Gaseni.

Está previsto que asistan los principales dirigentes de ERC y Junts, así como el presidente de la Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, la mayoría de consellers del Govern y la presidenta del Parlament, Laura Borràs, mientras que por parte de la CUP estará la presidenta del grupo del Parlament, Dolors Sabater.

Para la entidad convocante, esta manifestación busca evidenciar que la independencia se conseguirá luchando desde la movilización de la ciudadanía junto a la acción de las instituciones, y en los últimos días desde el Govern y los partidos independentistas han defendido que debe servir para volver a demostrar la "fortaleza" del movimiento soberanista.

However, it is foreseeable that the differences that exist in the face of the dialogue table will be made visible, which the independence movement faces divided:


is the only actor that clearly bets on the table,


constantly criticizes it although it participates in it,

the CUP

does not believe in the dialogue strategy despite the fact that it agreed with the Republicans to give it a two-year margin, and the


has taken a position against it.

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