China News Service, September 11th. According to the official WeChat account of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, since late August this year, various districts in Beijing have successively announced the "white list" of off-campus training institutions for subjects at the compulsory education stage, that is, their qualifications and behaviors for running schools. , Funding supervision, epidemic prevention and control, etc., the list of non-profit discipline-based off-campus training institutions that meet the requirements of the norms, and the information announced by each district is now collected. The issues that parents are concerned about are as follows:

  1. Subject-based off-campus training institutions should obtain a school-running permit issued by the education administrative department and relevant signs for resuming training after review and approval.

  2. The contract provided by the subject-based off-campus training institution should be the "Out-of-school Training Service Contract for Primary and Secondary School Students (Model Text)" jointly issued by the Ministry of Education and relevant departments.

  3. The charging standards of subject-based off-campus training institutions should be publicized. According to the "Beijing Municipal Off-campus Training Institutions Pre-charge Management Measures (Trial)" (Jingjiaomin [2021] No. 13), the one-time charge shall not exceed three months Or 60 class hours, if the periodical fee and the class hour fee are charged at the same time, choose the method of shorter charging period.

Priority is given to organizations that train first and then charge fees.

  4. The letter of commitment of off-campus training institutions for disciplines should be posted in a prominent place in the school. The qualification information of teachers, advanced training without exceeding the guidelines, and training time shall not conflict with the teaching time of primary and secondary schools, and the end of offline training shall not be later than 20 : 30. Make public commitments without leaving homework, including capital supervision.

  The Beijing Municipal Education Commission will regularly collect and announce to the public the "white list" of off-campus training institutions in various disciplines.

The first batch of subject-based off-campus training institutions "whitelist" is as follows: