While wearing a mask has become a new daily routine, Indonesian men who insist on unusual alternatives are attracting attention.

On the 6th local time, foreign media such as Indonesia's Compass introduced the story of 44-year-old Budiasa, who works as a parking manager in Bali.

Budiasa, who worked hard as usual on the 2nd day, caught the attention of police officers passing by at once.

The police immediately arrested Budiasa for 'violation of quarantine guidelines'.

Because he was wearing a coconut husk over his face, not the usual mask.

Even if you look closely, you can see a hole in the center of the coconut shell, with a blue whistle in its place.

When police officers questioned the strange appearance that he could not readily comprehend, Mr. Budiasa explained that it was "a mask I made myself to make my work easier."

The parking attendant explained that he uses a whistle to get the attention of drivers, and it was cumbersome and difficult to take off and put on the mask every time the whistle was blown. Some passersby are said to have protested Mr. Budiasa's taking off his mask and blowing his whistle.

Budiasa said that he came up with the 'coconut mask' after thinking about how to blow a whistle while always covering his nose and mouth.

After hearing the explanation, the police decided not to impose a fine on Mr. Budiasa, but gave him a unique punishment to do push-ups at the scene of the arrest. They also provided medical masks, saying, "You must wear a mask that has been approved by the government and has proven safety."

In an interview with the local media, Mr. Budiasa said, "I took off the regular mask and repeated wearing it, but the mask got dirty and I thought it was not safe." "I only wore a coconut mask while working, and I usually use a regular mask I did,” he explained over and over again.

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(Photo='Kabarbalihits' YouTube)