The controversial Russian-German Nord-Stream 2 pipeline still in the sights of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Ukrainian government spokesman Sergiy Nykyforov said on Friday that the country "will fight against this Russian political project until its completion and after it and even after the start of gas deliveries".

Kiev has nevertheless received "guarantees" from Berlin and Washington on the preservation of the transit of Russian gas through its territory "for at least ten years", continued the spokesperson.

Russia announced earlier today the completion of the controversial tube passing under the Baltic Sea to directly connect Russia and Germany.

Risk of a powerful escalation on the part of Russia

This project will ultimately deprive Ukraine of at least $ 1.5 billion per year that it currently receives for the transit of Russian gas through its territory.

Kiev also fears that the transit stop will facilitate a possible Russian invasion, as Moscow will no longer have to worry about Ukraine's gas infrastructure to supply its main European customers with gas.

“A powerful escalation on the part of Russia is the worst thing that can happen.

Unfortunately, there is such a risk, ”President Zelensky said at an international Yalta European Strategy forum in Kiev on Friday.

An ally of the West, Ukraine, a former Soviet republic, has been the scene of a pro-Russian separatist war in the East since 2014, unleashed in the wake of Moscow's annexation of the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula.

Widely regarded as the godfather of the separatists and accused of sending them troops and weapons, Moscow earlier this year massed tens of thousands of troops on the Ukrainian border.


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