• Alitalia, from the Council of Ministers go-ahead in accordance with the law to adapt the transfer to an EU decision

  • Financial Times: "The 900 million loan to Alitalia violated EU rules on state aid"


September 10, 2021Ita will not have to repay the state for illegal Alitalia loan. The European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager indicated that 'Italy has shown that there is a clear discontinuity between Alitalia and the new airline Ita and that its investment in Ita complies with the conditions that a private investor would have accepted. Once Ita has taken off, it is up to Italy and Ita's executives to take advantage of this opportunity once and for all. And we will continue to do our part and ensure fair competition in the European aviation sector. ' The plan drawn up by Italy includes a series of elements aimed at guaranteeing the economic discontinuity between the two companies, explains Brussels.

As for the flight sector (aviation), Ita will have a significantly reduced perimeter of activity and will manage less than half of Alitalia's aircraft fleet, focusing on profitable routes and abandoning those at a loss. Italy has also undertaken to use only a number of Alitalia take-off and landing slots commensurate with Ita's flight capacity. Secondly, Ita will be able to detect only limited portions of Alitalia's ground handling and maintenance activities. These assets will be sold through open, transparent, non-discriminatory and unconditional tenders.

In particular, Ita may submit offers for ground handling activities at the Rome Fiumicino airport only as the majority shareholder and as regards the maintenance activities of Alitalia, only as a minority shareholder. Furthermore, the Alitalia brand will be sold to the highest bidder through an open, transparent, non-discriminatory and unconditional tender, in which Ita will be able to participate in competition with other bidders.

The Commission adds that 'Alitalia's loyalty program (MilleMiglia) will be sold as part of an open, transparent, non-discriminatory and unconditional tender, in which Ita will not be able to participate, in order to prevent the direct transfer of customers between the two. society. Similarly, Ita will also not be responsible for prepaid tickets that passengers have already purchased from Alitalia. In this regard, in order to avoid a negative impact on passengers and to guarantee their protection, Italy has agreed to reimburse the prepaid tickets that Alitalia will not have honored upon termination of its activities.

And again, Brussels indicates that compared to Alitalia, Ita will be characterized by a more sustainable cost structure, in terms of fleet and employment contract. It will recruit a significantly reduced number of personnel from the market, including Alitalia, but with a new employment contract in accordance with market conditions. Ita will also modernize its fleet through the digitization and purchase of fuel efficient new generation aircraft. Alitalia's public service obligations will not be transferred to Ita. Relevant contracts will be awarded on the basis of open, transparent, non-discriminatory and unconditional tenders. Finally, Ita will pay a market price for the assets it purchases from Alitalia (directly or through tenders forcontract). It is on the basis of these elements that the Commission has concluded that Ita will be a different company from Alitalia and that there is an economic discontinuity between Alitalia and Ita.