At its party congress, the CSU is trying with all its might to blur the impression that it created a few days ago with at least as much force.

Your leadership duo Blume-Dobrindt, voice of their master and master, did everything to make the CDU candidate for chancellor even weaker than he is.

Dobrindt called out to him that the second “Triell” this Sunday should finally ignite and show the real Laschet.

In other words: the first triell was too weak and the laschet as it is is not what it should be.

This is called poisoned rifle aid.

Blume went to work even more brazenly with the remark that Markus Söder would have been the better candidate for chancellor.

He could have said right away: Laschet cannot do it.

It doesn't matter to Söder whether Laschet wins

Is the CSU completely out of the way?

Much has already been read into their absurd behavior.

That’s the CSU.

Söder could not do otherwise.

We are who we are.

Bad loser.

And, so it sounds among Söder supporters in the CDU, isn't the CSU right?

This is certainly how the election campaign leaderships of the SPD, Greens, FDP, Left Party and AfD see it, all of whom are cheering over so much self-dismantling and lack of planning just two weeks before the election.

But isn't there a plan behind it?

Hopefully it won't be the proverbial suicide for fear of death.

The CSU apparently still believes that on the one hand it can send a signal of “maximum unity”, but on the other hand it can prevent being associated with an impending defeat.

In this way, the party congress in Nuremberg not only looks like the last roar before the federal elections, but also like the start of the campaign for the state elections in two years' time.

Markus Söder has to provide an absolute majority, and that is easier for him when the left-wing camp rules in Berlin.

For him, the “candidate of hearts”, who will still fly to him in four years' time, it doesn't matter whether Laschet wins or loses. The CSU would accept the crash in order to rise again. She would be the first political mountaineer to succeed in such a gamble.