It was the fifth of August earlier this year that a man shot two teenage boys in the center of Berga.

A few days after the act, one of the boys, 16 years old, died.

The shooting took place at around 7 pm and the police announced early on that the perpetrator was riding a so-called "Fatbike", an electric larger bicycle.

On Thursday evening, the police will issue new information in the case in the program "Wanted" which gives a clearer picture of the course of events.

New tasks

According to crime inspector Jan Staaf, who participates in the program, the police have a witness who saw the perpetrator disguise himself behind the health center in Berga center.

He must also have been armed.

Jan Staaf says in the program that the 15-year-old and the 16-year-old who were later shot approached the man together with a third friend and after that the perpetrator confronts the boys and fires his weapon.

The police go out with the information in the TV program with the hope of getting more tips.