China News Service, Beijing, September 8 (Reporter Guo Chaokai) Tian Weijun, a first-level inspector of the Public Security Administration of the Ministry of Public Security of China, said in Beijing on the 8th that the current illegal sand mining activities in the Yangtze River present new trends and characteristics: illegal mining tools are more concealed, The crimes are even worse, the gangs are more tightly organized, and most of them are concentrated in the waters between provinces and cities.

  On the same day, the Ministry of Public Security held a press conference to report on the effectiveness of cracking down on illegal sand mining in the Yangtze River.

In answering a reporter’s question on the new trends and characteristics of illegal sand mining in the Yangtze River Basin, Tian Weijun said that at present, under the severe crackdown by the public security organs, the frequent occurrence of illegal sand mining activities in the Yangtze River has been initially curbed. Affected by factors such as high Jiangsha prices, there are still criminals who are driven by windfall profits to commit crimes. Judging from the recent investigation and handling of cases, the current illegal sand mining activities in the Yangtze River present new trends and characteristics.

  First, from the point of view of the method of committing crimes, pirated tools are more concealed.

In order to evade the attack, the criminals upgraded the cargo ship by installing "invisible sand pumps" and setting up dark tanks at the bottom of the ship, and then carried out illegal mining activities in a more concealed manner.

Among the ships involved in the case seized by the local public security organs, ordinary cargo ships with complete formalities accounted for more than 80% of illegal sand mining.

These modified sand suction vessels are no different from ordinary cargo ships in appearance, which further increases the difficulty of detection and investigation by law enforcement officers.

  Second, from the point of view of the means of committing crimes, criminal acts are even worse.

In the process of illegal mining, some criminals will specially arrange for gang members to watch the barge near the law enforcement agency. Once the law enforcement personnel act, they will immediately notify the sand mining ship to stop operations. Some criminals even install GPS on the law enforcement ship. Perform monitoring and tracking.

In addition, some criminals used high-frequency public radio stations and walkie-talkies on intermediary ships to randomly publish pirated information and “black card” phone numbers among past transport ships, using single-line contact, cash transactions, and “crypto-word” communication. Mutual association makes it more difficult for the public security organs to capture and fix evidence.

  Third, from the perspective of the perpetrators, the degree of organization of the gang is more tightly organized.

The common goal of illegal sand mining gangs is to pursue illegal profiteering. The members are relatively fixed. They have a clear division of labor in the rebuilding of ships, illegal mining, and intermediary contacts. The degree of organization is becoming more and more obvious. "Suddenly.

For example, in an illegal sand mining case cracked by the Huangshi Branch of the Changhang Airlines Public Security Bureau in February of this year, the principal culprit of the case, Zhang Mou, not only recruited people with criminal records to participate in the partnership, but also conducted "corporatization" management of the gang, and divided the stolen goods according to their "post" contributions. The gang has also attracted and corrupted law enforcement officers, retaliated against the masses, and monopolized the building materials market, gradually forming a "sand tyrant" in the local area.

  Fourth, judging from the location of the crime, most of them were concentrated in the waters between provinces and cities.

Criminals often flee in the waters between provinces and cities to commit crimes, and hide sand-related ships in inaccessible waters such as the river's Chazhou beaches and tributary estuaries. They go out day and night, waiting for opportunities to commit crimes, and staged scenes of "cat and mouse games" on the Yangtze River. .

  Tian Weijun emphasized that the French Open is intact and not leaking.

Here, the public security organs are telling those lawbreakers and fish slipping through the net who have participated in illegally refitting ships, pirating mining, transferring, transporting, selling, and using river sand, immediately stop all illegal and criminal activities, and voluntarily surrender to the public security organs, and strive for leniency deal with.

It is recommended that the broad masses of the people jointly supervise, and actively call the 24-hour hotline 010-66262044 of the Reporting Center of the Ministry of Public Security "Yangtze River Protection" to report, and provide clues on illegal and criminal modification of ships, illegal mining, transfer, transportation, sales, and use of Jiangsha.

The public security organs will carefully verify every clue of the report, keep the whistleblower strictly confidential, and call on the general public to use practical actions to make due contributions to defending the green waters and mountains.