Chinanews, September 9th, a comprehensive report, a report released by the U.S. Treasury Department on the 8th estimated that the richest 1% of Americans are also the worst tax evaders. On average, they owe taxes up to 163 billion yuan each year. Dollar.

The picture shows the billionaire and Amazon founder Bezos.

  The report shows that low- and middle-income workers comply with tax filing rules better, and most of their taxes have been withheld when they receive their wages.

But the rich have the ability to use accounting loopholes to evade taxes.

  As early as June, the "For the People" (ProPublica) website disclosed the information recorded by many wealthy people in the US Internal Revenue Service system. This information shows that compared with their huge wealth, these global wealthy people pay less income tax each year. pitful.

In 2007, billionaire Jeff Bezos did not pay a penny of federal income tax, but his wealth increased by $3.8 billion.

  The announcement of the US Treasury Department’s report coincided with the Biden administration’s vigorous push for Congress to support its IRS audit plan to recover the arrears.

The Biden administration previously estimated that the total amount of taxes owed by Americans in the past decade was as high as $7 trillion.

The White House advocates investing $80 billion in the IRS in the next ten years to help it hire more employees, adopt newer technologies, and impose new information submission requirements to better combat tax evasion.

  However, Republicans and some business people disagree with this. They believe that the power of the Internal Revenue Service should not be strengthened, saying that these White House claims are an infringement of personal privacy.

  Democrats are now counting on more federal revenue to cover the huge $3.5 trillion spending plan.

In addition to increasing taxes for the wealthy, recovery of outstanding taxes is also an important part.