China News Service, September 8 According to Peru’s “Communiqué” on the 7th, Peru has newly confirmed 943 new cases of new coronary pneumonia, with a total of more than 2.156 million confirmed cases.

Peruvian Health Minister Hernando Ceballos reported on the 7th that so far, 99 confirmed cases of the Mu variant of the new crown virus have been found in 15 regions of Peru, and one death case has occurred.

  According to reports, the patient who died was from Lima, a 42-year-old woman who had not received any dose of the new crown vaccine.

The Minister emphasized that vaccination against the new crown virus is still the most important strategy to combat the epidemic. Although vaccination does not guarantee that a person "will not be infected with the new crown virus", "you may be infected, but the vaccine can protect you from illness and death."

  On May 12, 2021, Moquegua reported the first confirmed case of Mu variant in Peru.

According to data from the Ministry of Health, the currently dominant variant in Peru is Gamma, followed by Lambda and Delta.

  Ceballos urged the public to continue to use double-layer masks, wash their hands frequently, maintain a safe social distance, avoid crowds, and receive two doses of the new crown vaccine.

  The World Health Organization has listed the new coronavirus variant Mu found in Colombia as "worthy of attention". It is currently found in 39 countries around the world, including Peru.