• Shot dead in the street, ex-boyfriend wanted

  • Tragedy in the Milanese area: he kills his wife and daughter and takes his own life

  • He kills his wife and shoots himself, hospitalized on a reserved prognosis

  • He kills his partner with a stab in the throat and then calls the police

  • Rome, stabs and kills his partner: a 68-year-old is arrested


08 September 2021 A 47-year-old man stabbed his wife, aged 46, to death and then turned the weapon against himself, hitting himself in the abdomen, in an attempt to take his own life.

The tragedy took place in Bronte, on the day of the couple's separation hearing. The man was hospitalized in the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania. The carabinieri intervened on the spot.

Another femicide: the 47-year-old attacked his wife in via Boscia, in the historic center of Bronte, where the man lives. A few weeks ago in Acitrezza, another 26-year-old victim was killed by the ex who then took his own life.

The man Filippo Asero, on 10 December 2001, was arrested by the carabinieri of the Randazzo company for the murder of Sergio Gardani, 32, killed three days earlier in an ambush in Bronte which, according to the accusation, had matured as part of an internal fight against a local clan for the control of extortion and drug trafficking. Asero, sentenced to life imprisonment on 28 October 2003 in first instance by the Catania Assize Court, was later acquitted with full formula for not having committed the crime.