German chancellor: The first thing I will do after leaving the government is "nothing"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose fourth and final term is about to expire, said the first thing she would do after leaving office was "nothing".

Merkel, who has the longest reign in the developed world (16 years), said she may travel to Africa, Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday.

During a seminar in Dusseldorf, where Merkel along with Nigerian writer Chimamanda Nagozi Adichie on the podium, the chancellor said in response to a question about her plans for the future: "I decided that the first thing I would do was nothing and I would wait for what happens."

"Of course I'll get invitations, but if I'm going to set an agenda just because I'm afraid of a void, a deadly void, I don't want that," Merkel added.

Merkel explained that since she got involved in politics more than 30 years ago, she never asked herself what else might interest her "and because I'm 67, I don't have infinite time."

And she continued, "I want to think carefully about the next imminent stage, and the question of the things that appear to me, do I want to write, talk or take a walk, do I want to stay at home or travel the world?"

Merkel said that when Adichie invited her to visit Nigeria, she replied: "I might actually visit African countries."

Regarding the periods during which she ruled Germany, Merkel said: "I see that I made my contributions, and whoever does not understand this now, will not understand it in the next four years."

Merkel again dismissed her as "the last defender of the free West", saying that "all exaggerations should be avoided, and fortunately there are so many people who feel attached to democracy and that of course pleases me."

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