For the fourth graders of the Primary School Süd-West from Eschborn, the new rules for class trips come just in time, for those of the same age at a school in the Wetterau district it is probably too late.

Both classes have been looking forward to September 13th for a long time - the Eschborns on the departure to Driedorf in the Westerwald, the elementary school students from the Wetterau on the descent to Bad Hersfeld.

But then the school trip is suddenly on the brink.

Of course, this is due to Corona, like so much in the everyday life of elementary school students for a year and a half.

The incidence in the Main-Taunus district, where Eschborn is located, and in the Wetterau district has risen to over 100.

Florentine Fritzen

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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In a decree of the Ministry of Culture from June, which was only replaced by a new one on Thursday afternoon, it says that class trips may not take place if the incidence at the school or destination is over 100.

Parents find this absurd because, in their opinion, children are exposed to a much higher risk of infection in everyday life at school and at home.

You bring this to the Ministry.

The people of Eschborn argue with a fixed group that stays in the country when the weather is good, instead of being exposed to many contacts in family, leisure time and on the school bus.

The weather forecasters saw on Thursday morning that the incidence in Bad Hersfeld is just under 17.

But the school management canceled the trip because of the uncertain situation.

Test on trips as often as in class

Because it is known that a new decree is being worked on in the house of Alexander Lorz (CDU). But the school principal, parents and teachers do not know when it will come on Thursday morning. The regulation, which will now apply from Monday, provides that school trips may generally take place within Germany - regardless of the incidence, but subject to other laws and ordinances on infection protection or orders from the health authorities.

The decree is based on the amendment to the Infection Protection Act just passed by the Bundestag, according to which the incidence should no longer be the sole benchmark for corona protection. The students have to test themselves on the trips as often as in face-to-face lessons, although the ministry recommends doing the self-tests more often. The two “prevention weeks” end on Monday, when the schools will only test twice instead of three times as is now the case.

The Eschborn parents get a message from the school on Thursday afternoon that the children can drive on Monday. Those from the Wetterau district want to contact the school management immediately, but in view of the cancellation, what a mother says still applies there: “This is so devastating for the kids. What a shame. ”And they're not the only ones. Because even this week, many classes would have actually wanted to be on the road. The parents' council of the Frankfurter Franckeschule reports that trips have been canceled in at least three third grades. It is a disappointment for the children. "Yet again."