China News Service, Changsha, September 7th (Fu Jingyi) September 7th is the 91st anniversary of the birth of "Father of Hybrid Rice" Yuan Longping.

Academician Yuan Longping’s item donation and museum-school co-construction activity was held at the Longping Rice Museum in Changsha. On behalf of his family, Yuan Longping’s eldest son Yuan Ding’an donated a number of items used by Yuan Lao during his lifetime, including violin, volleyball and office supplies, to Yuan Longping. The bronze statue bows and presents flowers, expressing the feeling of yearning for his father.

  The Longping Rice Museum, named after Academician Yuan Longping, is the first large-scale rice museum in China and the world. It officially opened on September 27, 2019.

The museum aims to "spread knowledge of rice cultivation and promote farming culture", with a total construction area of ​​18,000 square meters. The main building overlooks five golden and full "rice grains", implying abundance of grains.

  The Longping Rice Museum has three basic exhibition halls including Chinese Rice History and Culture, Rice Science and Technology, Yuan Longping and Hybrid Rice Exhibition, and a temporary exhibition hall.

Among them, the Yuan Longping exhibition hall introduced Yuan Longping's experience from birth to schooling, teaching, researching and becoming the "father of hybrid rice" through a large number of precious historical photos, real objects, and high-tech methods of sound, light, and video.

  This time, the family members of Academician Yuan Longping donated a total of 32 items, including the formal wear worn by Yuan Lao at major festivals, as well as the overshoes and belts he used to plough the fields, as well as the markers and reading glasses commonly used in Yuan Lao’s work. , Magnifying glass, as well as the violin he loves to play and the signature volleyball gifted to Yuan Lao by the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team.

  Yuan Ding'an said that the Longping Rice Museum is a professional exhibition hall to display and promote the Chinese farming civilization. Therefore, his family arranged a batch of his father’s belongings and presented them to the museum for display and research.

After that, the family will organize the father's belongings one after another, and then donate them to the museum.

  People from all walks of life in Changsha also used various methods to commemorate Yuan Longping's 91st birthday.

At the edge of Yuan Lao’s experimental field, the painter drew a huge portrait of Academician Yuan Longping over 200 square meters. Among them were the "two dreams" of enjoying the cool weather in Hexia and covering the world with hybrid rice, highlighting Yuan Lao's hard work.