China News Service, Wuhan, September 7 (Reporter Xu Jinbo) In view of the current "Yangtze River 2021 No. 1 Flood" formed in the upper reaches, the Yangtze River Water Conservancy Commission (referred to as the "Yangtze River Committee") held a rolling meeting on the 6th to analyze and judge the flood situation. Development trend, and issued a number of dispatch orders.

  According to meteorological and hydrological monitoring and forecasting, since September 3, heavy rainfall in the Yangtze River Basin has mainly occurred in the Jialing River Basin, the Mintuo River and the upper reaches of the Han River.

On the 6th, there were heavy to heavy rains in the Three Gorges section, Qingjiang and the middle and lower reaches of the Wujiang River, and moderate rains in the southern part of the upper mainstream of the Han River.

It is estimated that the daily rainfall of the middle reaches of the Wujiang River and the Three Gorges section is 20-30 mm, the daily rainfall of the lower Wujiang River is 10-20 mm, and the daily rainfall of the upper Hanjiang River is about 10 mm.

  Affected by the recent heavy rainfall, water inflows between the Mintuo River, Jialing River and the Three Gorges on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River have increased.

At 8 o'clock on the 6th, the water level at Luoduxi Station on the Qujiang River, a tributary of the Jialing River, rose to 219.29 meters (the warning water level was 219.00 meters), and the "Jialing River No. 2 Flood in 2021" formed in the Qujiang River, a tributary of the Jialing River; It rose to 54,000 cubic meters per second, and the "Yangtze River No. 1 Flood in 2021" was formed in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.

  As of 18:00 on the 6th, the water levels at many stations on the mainstream of the Yangtze River, Jialing River and Hanjiang River were over alert.

Among them, the water level of Cuntan Station was over the warning level of 0.18 meters, the water level of Qujiang Luoduxi Station was over warning level of 2.93 meters, and the water levels of Hanjiang Shayang, Xiantao, and Hanchuan were over warning levels of 0.07 meters, 0.1 meters, and 1.18 meters, respectively.

It is expected that the Three Gorges and Danjiangkou Reservoirs will have flood peaks of about 55,000 cubic meters per second and 19,000 cubic meters per second respectively on the evening of the 6th.

  On the same day, the Yangtze River Committee decided to continue to maintain the current flood and drought disaster prevention level III emergency response, compact and compact flood control responsibilities in accordance with relevant requirements, strictly implement the 24-hour on-duty and leadership system, and clarify the responsibility to the posts and personnel; strengthen forecasting and forecasting Early warning, focusing on changes in water and rain conditions in key areas such as the Hanjiang River and Jiamin River Basin, and timely release of early warning information; rolling consultations and judgments, according to changes in water and rain conditions, timely adjustment of the Three Gorges, Danjiangkou and other important reservoir dispatch plans; and technical support for flood relief , According to needs, timely dispatching working groups and expert groups to assist local governments in the prevention and response of autumn floods and emergency response; further strengthen the Danjiangkou Dam safety monitoring, flood prevention facilities and equipment operation and maintenance, and reservoir area inspection and monitoring, and promptly deal with problems found and established The Danjiangkou Reservoir Monitoring and Analysis Technical Working Group, which is composed of experts from relevant departments and units, provides technical support for the safety monitoring of the dam and reservoir area, and the treatment of hidden dangers to ensure the safety of the project during the flood.

  On the 6th, the Yangtze River Commission dispatched the cascade reservoirs on the lower reaches of the Jinsha River to stop floods in the Jinsha River. Through joint dispatch of the Wudongde, Baihetan, Xiluodu, and Xiangjiaba reservoirs, the incoming water of the Jinsha River was reduced to about 6500 cubic meters per second. About cubic meters per second; and issued a dispatch order to increase the outflow flow of the Three Gorges Reservoir to about 28,000 cubic meters per second. At the same time, in conjunction with the Sichuan Provincial Water Resources Department, the Tingzikou Reservoir was dispatched to control the outflow flow to 600 to 800 cubic meters per second. , And jointly reduce the pressure on Chongqing's flood control.

  Prior to September 4, the Yangtze River Committee issued a dispatching order to dispatch the Danjiangkou Reservoir to the middle and lower reaches of the Han River to control the discharge rate of 9,100 cubic meters per second (including power generation flow) from 14:00 on September 4; issued an emergency to the Hubei Provincial Department of Water Resources The notice puts forward specific requirements for the management of flood prevention and safety in the upper reaches of the Hanjiang River in the near future.

On the 5th, the Yangtze River Committee issued a notice to the Hanjiang Group and the Midline Water Source Company on further improving the Danjiangkou Water Conservancy Project and flood prevention and safety work in the reservoir area, requesting to further strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, strengthen monitoring and early warning, safety monitoring of the hub project, and inspection and guarding. Area safety monitoring and inspection, reservoir area safety management, and information sharing and reporting work in six areas.