China News Service, September 7th. According to the British "Daily Mail" report on the 6th, although the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) promised "zero tolerance" for misconduct, dozens of employees of the company are being exposed for bullying and harassment. After that, it still has not been dealt with and saved his job.

  According to reports, eight years ago, former BBC host Jimmy Saville was exploded as "sexually assaulting a boy."

Since then, the BBC has been repeatedly exposed to bullying and harassment scandals.

Data shows that such misconduct is still an ongoing problem.

  Since 2013, the BBC has had 508 formal complaints about bullying and harassment, of which 32 were related to sexual harassment.

  According to the report, in the past two years, although 33 of the 154 cases were established or partially established, only one person lost his job.

Another 105 complaints were rejected and 16 were withdrawn.

  The BBC stated that they took "appropriate action" in each case.

And the implementation of a "zero tolerance" culture is to make "employees feel that they can raise concerns and believe that they will be properly handled."

  However, a related person said that this "zero tolerance" attitude "is more to protect the company than the individual."

  In addition, after being accused of taking "too long" to resolve the issue, the BBC also vowed to speed up the process and resolve disputes within 30 days. The resolution time for complex cases is 60 days, but in the past 8 years, the average resolution time is 79 days.

  The organizer of the Union of British Journalists, Paul Sigert, said: “The people accused in many cases are management, and the BBC is afraid of dismissing them, which will have a negative impact.” “Usually those who have committed a crime will leave quietly. , And get some kind of return, this way of combating misconduct is totally unacceptable."