• Covid The "invisible and very dangerous virus" that sent my brother Jorge Lis to the ICU: "Denialism"

Jorge Lis's


has ended after a long month and a half in the ICU of the La Fe hospital in Valencia.

Shortly after falling ill with Covid-19, he regretted not having the vaccine and his denial attitude.

The one who was runner-up of Spain in motorcycling in 125 cc in 1996 has died this Tuesday, according to the newspaper




who worked as a


and manager for




did not believe in the existence of Covid.

She declined the vaccine when it was offered to her

and tried to convince her family, including her 84-year-old mother, to decline as well.

The arguments with his sister


were constant.

Finally, when he fell ill, his repentance was made known in some messages exchanged with his sister: "I am afraid Elena, that because we have been a kaffir now we cannot stop this. This week has suddenly been one of my greatest lessons in life. Spending a lot of time on


etc., had radicalized me to the extreme. I wish I had been vaccinated. "

At first Jorge was very scared of the virus.

Her sister reported that she used to leave the house with three masks and that she hardly wanted to leave the house or approach anyone.

Later that attitude was changing towards the opposite, mainly thanks to the speeches that he found in the networks.

His sister defined this denial as "an invisible and very dangerous virus" that had affected her Jorge.

Until his life changed completely to end up in the hospital.

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CovidThe "invisible and very dangerous virus" that has sent my brother Jorge Lis to the ICU: "Denialism"

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