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12 candidates for the People's Power presidential primary, who had been fighting over the rules of the primary, gathered in one place and announced their representative policies. There was a difference in temperature in resolving the labor problem, and each of them claimed that they were 'opposing opponents to catch the ruling party candidate.'

By Kim Hyung-rae, staff reporter.

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candidates' policy presentations were held on the bus for the People's Power presidential election.

The time allotted for each candidate is only 7 minutes.

He announced three of his representative policies, most of which dealt with labor policies.

Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon emphasized 'improving labor-management relations for job creation',

[Yoon Seok-Yeol/People's Power Presidential Candidate: We will resolve labor polarization and align labor-management relations to global standards.]

Candidate Seung-Min Yoo emphasized 'great social compromise'. .

[Yoo Seung-min/People's Power Presidential Candidate: I think we should never give up on dialogue with the Confederation of Trade Unions and Korean Trade Unions, even with North Korea.]

On the other hand, Hong Jun-pyo and Choi Jae-hyung used the expression 'aristocratic union' to dismantle the vested interests. claimed.

[Hong Jun-pyo/People's Power Presidential Primary Candidate: We will prevent corruption by the strong aristocratic union and increase labor flexibility.]

[Choi Jae-hyeong/People's Power Presidential Primary Candidate: 90% of workers groaning in the shadow of the noble union and privileged union It is to create a world where they can live.]

Before and after the presentation, Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung, who is leading the Democratic presidential race, was summoned.

[Yoon Seok-yeol/People's Power Presidential Candidate: ((Other candidates) emphasized that 'I am the one who will catch Candidate Jae-myung Lee in the final.') Well, I think the people will judge it well.]

[Hong Jun-pyo/People's Power Presidential candidates: I think Hong Jun-pyo is the best person to catch Chavez (former Venezuelan president) of Gyeonggi-do.]

Unlike last month's presentation where criticism was raised that "it is like a school festival" because it is a simple presentation format, this time it is between each candidate. was given an opportunity to ask questions.

However, each candidate can only ask a question once, and as the questions are also decided by lottery, there were also voices from Candidate Seung-min Yoo and others who said, "Isn't it trying to stop the discussion?"

(Video coverage: Jeong Sang-bo, video editing: Ha Seong-won) 

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