The CSU chairman Markus Söder sharply attacked “Die Linke” because, in his opinion, it failed to come to terms with its GDR past.

"The Left Party is a party that is the successor to the SED," said Söder on Monday at the political Gillamoos morning pint in Abensberg, Bavaria.

To this day, the Left Party does not dare to seriously discuss this past and to distance itself from it.

Söder said that individual members and parts of the “left” were being watched by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

"I already know why they want to abolish the protection of the constitution." Such a party should not be allowed to join the federal government after the federal election.

According to surveys, a coalition of the SPD, the Greens and the Left would currently have a majority - “Die Linke” appealed to the SPD and the Greens to make such an alliance possible.

Söder said that so far there had been a “Larifari election campaign”.

But it is about the future of Germany.

"In essence, it is about a single question: Do we want to continue to be a bourgeois camp, or do we want to slide to the left?"

The CSU chairman explicitly praised the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). In the 16 years of her government there have been so many crises that nobody had thought of before, said Söder, with a view to the international financial crisis, the refugee crisis and the corona pandemic, among other things. "I think Angela Merkel has protected our country well in these 16 years." She did not do this alone, the CSU was there.