Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, September 5 (Reporter Pan Qing) "This time the vaccination was organized by the school, so I feel relieved that most of the classmates have arrived. I just finished the vaccination, and there is no discomfort." On the afternoon of the 5th, in the observation area of ​​the vaccination spot of the Huacao International Community Cultural Activity Center in Minhang District, Shanghai, said Liang Peien, a high school student at the Shanghai Taiwanese Children’s School.

  Including Liang Pei-en, more than 360 students from the Shanghai Taiwanese Children’s School, accompanied by their teachers and parents, received the first dose of the new coronavirus vaccine.

  According to the deployment of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, Shanghai will start the registration appointment for the new crown vaccine for compatriots aged 12 to 17 in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan starting at 20:00 on September 1.

According to the principle of "informed, voluntary, and risk-based", many "little Taiwanese" who hold Taiwan residents' travel permits to and from the mainland and Taiwan residents' residence permits have completed online appointment registration for vaccination through the health cloud platform.

  The 5th coincides with the first weekend after the start of the new school year.

With the support of local government departments, the school for children of Taiwanese businessmen in Shanghai specially arranged this collective vaccination.

  "Our school has more than 600 students in this age group, and 366 came today, and some students chose other vaccination sites closer to home." said Chen Junnan, the principal of the Shanghai Taiwanese Children’s School, in order to ensure order. For the vaccination, the school used 6 vehicles to pick up and drop off and arrange teachers to accompany them.

Both the child and the parents feel very satisfied.

  At the pre-inspection registration office, the parent or guardian shall sign the informed consent form for vaccination, show the vaccination bar code, and check the ID.

After the Taiwanese students lined up to enter the vaccination room, the doctor reconfirmed the vaccination bar code, and carefully asked "Which handwriting is usually used", and administer the vaccine after determining the vaccination location.

Before entering the observation area, the volunteers posted a note with the time of vaccination on the arms of the children, and notified "you can leave" 30 minutes later.

  "It doesn't hurt at all." "It seemed to be finished without any feeling." The students in the observation room exchanged their feelings of vaccination in twos and threes.

  The convenient and quick vaccination process and various intimate details also make the accompanying parents feel at ease.

"My father and I have been vaccinated, and there is no adverse reaction, so we can safely let our children get vaccinated as soon as possible." Ms. Dai, the mother of Liang Pei'en, said that doing so during the epidemic is good for the children and others.