While the year 2022 will be synonymous with elections, strategic proposals are starting to emerge to win the presidential camp.

LREM MEP Stéphane Séjourné, political adviser to Emmanuel Macron, thus pleads for the creation of a “large French democratic party” bringing together “by the legislative elections” of 2022 the various components of the majority, in an interview with

Sunday Newspaper


"My conviction, shared for a long time with François Bayrou, is that we will have to build a large French Democratic Party between now and the legislative elections," explains Stéphane Séjourné.

The boss of the Modem has indeed also relaunched Saturday the idea of ​​a "great central political movement" for the elections of 2022, in an interview with



The sea serpent of the "common house"

“I see that many initiatives are taken by the majority: on the right, with Edouard Philippe who organizes his networks, with the elected support committees of Sébastien Lecornu, with Agir ensemble by Franck Riester; and on the left, with Olivier Dussopt and the current Territories of Progress, or even Barbara Pompili ”, notes the elected LREM. “Everyone must continue to speak to their respective audiences to enhance our record for the presidential election. But we must also go further ”.

The project to build a "common house" housing the various partners of the majority has been meandering for two years, but has still not found its operational realization, sometimes due to divergent electoral objectives.

The various re-entry universities - in Guidel in Morbihan for the Modem on the weekend of September 25;

in Avignon for La République en Marche on the weekend of October 2 - could help accelerate projects of rapprochement, eight months before the presidential election.

The EU at the heart of the countryside

With the JDD, Stéphane Séjourné describes the milestones before the presidential election, including the next French presidency of the European Union from January 1, 2022 which should mark the campaign of the Head of State.

“For twenty years France had deserted the European institutions.

It's a good thing that Europe is also talking French again.

This is to be welcomed, ”he emphasizes, adding that Emmanuel Macron will receive on Monday“ 98 European parliamentarians from 22 member states ”.


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