Europe 1 with AFP 1:46 p.m., September 5, 2021

A man in his forties rushed into the car of famous Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Kitano before picking him up on Saturday night in Tokyo.

The attack left no casualties.

An individual armed with a pickaxe and a knife attacked the vehicle carrying the famous Japanese director Takeshi Kitano on Saturday evening in Tokyo, without causing any injuries, Japanese media reported.

The filmmaker was leaving the headquarters of the private television station TBS at around 11:40 p.m., where he had just taken part in a live broadcast, according to the public broadcaster NHK.

Arrested on the spot

The assailant, a man in his 40s, rushed to Takeshi Kitano's vehicle and started hitting him with a pickaxe, damaging the windshield and other parts.

He was arrested on the spot and was being questioned by police on Sunday, according to NHK, TBS and several other Japanese media.

Contacted by AFP, the Tokyo police declined to comment. Takeshi Kitano, 74, is known abroad for his films with a very personal aesthetic and tortured characters, often featuring the violent world of the yakuza, the Japanese mafia. In Japan, he is also famous as a comedian and television host.