[Explanation] On September 5th, students from the school for children of Taiwanese businessmen in Shanghai collectively went to the Huacao Cultural and Sports Center in Minhang District, Shanghai to receive the new crown vaccine.

In the afternoon, the reporter saw at the vaccination site that many students had come to register for vaccination accompanied by teachers and parents, and the scene was in order.

  [Concurrent] Chen Junnan, Principal of Shanghai Taiwanese Children’s School

  A total of 611 of our students need to be vaccinated, and (today) 366 of them went to the Huacao Cultural and Sports Center to be vaccinated.

I know that the game played today is from Coxing. So far, the students I have watched have not heard any adverse reactions. They felt that they had come for an outing and then went back. I think it was pretty good.

  [Explanation] Lin Shuzhen, an eighth-grade teacher at the Shanghai Taiwanese Children’s School, told reporters that the school’s teachers had already been vaccinated against the new crown at the beginning of the year, and the students and parents had long been looking forward to being vaccinated as soon as possible.

In order to alleviate the anxiety of the students, the teacher also shared his vaccination experience.

  [Concurrent] Lin Shuzhen, a teacher at Shanghai Taiwanese Children’s School

  After I sent the parent group, everyone started to solve the problem, and then kept asking how we should fight, where is the school, and what kind of vaccine should be given, and so on.

So our class actually quite hopes to get the vaccine as soon as possible, because after all, everyone doesn't know how the epidemic happened, so if the vaccine can be gotten, everyone will feel more at ease.

  [Explanation] Compared with the nervousness of the teachers and parents, the students of the Shanghai Taiwanese Children’s School seem to be very calm.

  [Concurrent] Chen Shanyang, student at Shanghai Taiwanese Children’s School

  The school informed us that we could get the vaccine together as a group, and then we came here to get the vaccine.

  (Are you nervous? When you just started preparing.)

  In fact, it's okay, because there have been other vaccines before, so I'm not so scared.

(Hint us) Stay and observe for half an hour, and you can't eat seafood, drink plenty of water, and can't eat spicy food.

  [Explanation] It is reported that Shanghai started the registration appointment for the new crown vaccine for compatriots aged 12-17 in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan at 20:00 on September 1.

According to the principle of “informed, voluntary, and at your own risk”, compatriots aged 12-17 years old in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who voluntarily receive the new crown vaccine can present the residence permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents issued by the public security department, the Mainland travel permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents, and the Mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents. Taiwan residents' residence permit, online appointment registration for vaccination through the health cloud platform, and relevant information of the parent or guardian (including name, identification number and contact information, etc.) must be provided at the time of registration.

  Reporter Xu Yin Kang Yuzhan reports from Shanghai

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]