Coraline Brouez 3:04 p.m., September 4, 2021

Eating healthy has become a priority for many French people.

To help you in this choice, Laurent Mariotte and his columnists explain to us why we must favor rapeseed oil in our dishes in the program La Table des bons vivant on Europe 1. 

68% of the French cook with olive oil against 29% with butter.

It is therefore an undeniable fact, oil is present in our daily lives, in particular for its nutritional benefits.

But why not diversify the pleasures by opting for another oil even more concentrated in fatty acids, the famous omega 3, 6 and 9. Indispensable to keep the brain in good shape.

Laurent Mariotte and his columnists come back to rapeseed oil in the program

La Table des bons vivant

so that it integrates our culinary routine. 

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Underestimated virtue

"Made from these yellow flowers that can be seen in particular in the North of France, rapeseed oil is known for its aroma of nuts and cabbage", explains Julien Amat, columnist. "It undergoes a first cold pressing just like quality olive oil to take advantage of all the aromas." But what is less known is that rapeseed oil is more interesting than the latter from a nutritional aspect since it is more concentrated in omega 3. 

"Olive oil generally contains 3% omega 3 compared to rapeseed oil which contains 9% and sunflower oil which has no omega 3 at all."

It also contains vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects our cells against aging.

Problem ?

You should never heat this oil otherwise you lose all its virtues. 

"To consume it, it is better to use it as a seasoning for salad or to make mayonnaise."

Even if its pronounced taste may be off-putting, it is above all a matter of habit.

Especially since our body will say thank you. 

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