In the district court, the main hearing in the case took 13 days to complete.

In the Court of Appeal, a minimum of 15 days is required.

Both the three accused men in the plot and the prosecutor's side have certainly called more witnesses to the hearing in the Court of Appeal.

But the process will still, regardless, take much longer than it normally would.

This is because the audio recordings from the district court are largely inaudible, and thus also legally useless.

They later this fall

- In normal cases, we have access to video recordings of both audio and video from the district court, which we then play in the Court of Appeal during the hearing in the parts where interrogation and witness statements are the same as before.

But here everything must be redone from the beginning, says Court of Appeal President Erik Brattgård in the clip, among other things.

According to the Court of Appeal's main hearing plan, the final speeches are intended to be held on 6-7 October.

The verdict in the case will probably be announced in the latter part of October.