China News Service, Beijing, September 3 (Li Xiang) Recently, the US intelligence agency released an investigation report on the so-called traceability of the new crown virus, which has caused controversy in public opinion.

Twenty Asian-American organizations jointly sent a letter to Biden requesting the suspension of the so-called "China Action Plan" and reviewing whether the action unfairly targeted Asians based on race and ethnicity.

This reporter interviewed Dr. Shao Yang, the Chinese Deputy Mayor of Fremont City, California Bay Area. He believed that “systemic” discrimination against Asian Americans existed in the United States throughout the year and also analyzed its core reasons.

  Shao Yang said that the use of intelligence agencies in the United States to carry out traceability work is actually falling into a strange circle.

Virus traceability reports should follow science and conduct investigations in an objective and open manner.

It is a scientific and necessary step to lead the entire traceability work by WHO.

  In response to a joint letter sent to Biden by Asian groups, Shao Yang said that public concerns exist.

Promoting anti-discrimination against Asian Americans has been launched in many places across the United States, and the US government has also announced its condemnation and crackdown on all hate crimes against Asian Americans in the United States due to the new crown virus.

  Shao Yang added that both before and after the epidemic, discrimination and hate crimes against Asians in the United States have always existed, and this is not only caused by the new crown virus.

He believes that "systematic" discrimination against Asians has always existed in the United States.

  According to Shao Yang, according to last year's statistics, the total population of Asians in the United States has exceeded 21 million, of which the Chinese population has reached nearly 5 million.

He believes that there is currently an atmosphere of public opinion aimed at minority ethnic groups in the so-called "equality of outcome". He simply believes that the current inequality in education and income is due to the fact that there are too many Asians to take away opportunities.

  Shao Yang cited an example. California had a controversial "Proposal 16" in the previous 2020 general election. The proposal believed that the Asian population of California accounted for 13% of the state's population, but the acceptance rate of the Asian population by universities It is 30%. The proposal requires universities to admit admissions in proportion to the population.

In the end, although this proposal was "vetoed", it reflects the systematic discrimination of some Americans using "results" to suppress other ethnic groups.

  Secondly, Shao Yang introduced that Asians are a group of people who work hard to get rich and live and work in peace in the United States. Criminal activities against Asians are frequent. Because of language barriers and unwillingness to interact with the judicial system, Asians often give up reporting or defending their rights when they are violated. This created the impression that Asians are "rich and easy to bully".

  Shao Yang also pointed out that some reasons have also contributed to the reduction of crime costs. For example, Florida proposed a "zero bail" system.

He gave an example. Someone was arrested for robbery 5 times in a day, because after the arrest, the police only issued a summons and let him go.

  Shao Yang said that changing the status quo of racial discrimination and crime still requires continuous and determined efforts by the Asian community.