A 25-year-old man, suspected of drug trafficking in the city of Pous-du-Plan in Carpentras (Vaucluse), was arrested on August 31 on the Canebière in Marseille, reports

Le Dauphiné Libéré.

During a banal police check, the Carpentrassien presented a false Belgian identity document, but the police did not fall into the trap.

More so, they discovered that the young man was the subject of a search card.

Nine people involved in the case

The individual, known in the districts of Pous-du-Plan and Bois-de-l'Ubac, was taken to the judicial police (SPJ) of Avignon, which has been dealing with this case since October 2019. C ' It was at this time that the investigation began, in the city of Pous-au-Plan, with the discovery of a rest room for a dealer where drugs (cannabis and cocaine) and weapons were stored.

Five young people aged 17 to 23 were then arrested.

Fourteen months later, three other people were also arrested according to the daily.

The suspect arrested on Tuesday was questioned for two days, before being indicted and imprisoned on Thursday.

Investigations are continuing.


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