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She had been expected for months.

Season 5, the new and final season of this Spanish series, will be released this Friday, September 3 on the Netflix platform.

It is divided into 2 parts, the first being made up of 5 episodes.

The first is already available.

If you do not yet have an account on the famous streaming platform, you will have to suffer the rate increase recently applied.

Is this your case?

You can instead choose to subscribe to more comprehensive offers like that of Canal + and thus benefit from the initial price of Netflix.

La Casa de Papel, the essential back-to-school series

A pure Netflix creation, the La Casa de Papel series was a resounding success upon its release.

His originality, the quality of the acting and the incredible casting have largely contributed to this success.

And the recipe seems to be made to last.

Still, Season 5 marks the cost of stopping the series.

Divided into two parts, the plot of this season 5 takes you back to the heart of the heist of the Bank of Spain.

This heist, particularly difficult and trying for the team of robbers, still has many surprises in store for them, both good and bad.

Inside the bank, tension is mounting.

A disagreement could even lead them to disaster.

The Professor, he also seems in difficulty.

Will he be able to emerge from the clutches of the dreaded policewoman Alicia Sierra?

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