• Eighteen years in prison were requested Friday against Moufide Bouchibi, portrayed as one of the most important French drug traffickers.

  • He is accused of having organized a series of go fast involving several tons of cannabis.

  • The decision of the criminal court should be put under advisement.

The requisitions fell this Friday.

Eighteen years in prison were requested on Friday against Moufide Bouchibi, "Mouf" portrayed as one of the most important French drug traffickers, for a series of go fast in 2011 involving tons of cannabis, during a new trial following his arrest in Dubai in March.

Moufide Bouchibi, Franco-Algerian, 41, was sentenced in his absence in 2015 by the same Bordeaux correctional court to 20 years in prison, taking into account the state of recidivism. On Friday, deputy prosecutor Mathieu Fohlen requested 18 years of imprisonment, with a two-thirds safety period, and continued detention. The magistrate underlined the "risk of flight abroad" of the defendant, and the "resources at his disposal". As in the first trial, a million euros fine was also required.

Scheduled for two days, the trial of "Mouf" stretched over a third Friday, after sometimes heated debates, number of suspensions of hearings, and a procedural guerrilla war, with requests for nullity from the defense .

A courtroom "must not become a boxing ring", deplored Mathieu Fohlen on Friday, regretting among defense lawyers "verbal and physical excesses for the sole purpose of preventing serenity and the continuation of the debates".

"Astronomical quantities of cannabis resin"

Then, dissecting the content of telephone interceptions, he endeavored to demonstrate "the mastery", "the magnitude" of the traffic of Moufide Bouchibi, who "had the logistical capacity to send different convoys simultaneously on routes. different, with astronomical quantities of cannabis resin ”.

Like a go fast intercepted in November 2011, with 743 kg of cannabis resin, but which will not prevent Bouchibi from congratulating himself from Morocco, that simultaneously "the others did the job", it is that is to say that another go fast is spent with more than a ton of resin ... "Three business (convoys) guaranteed per week", had assured an interlocutor Moufide Bouchibi, according to conversations cited by the prosecution. Which, however, ultimately discarded some of the go fast, to retain only half a dozen in 2011.

The Franco-Algerian, already sentenced in 2004 to 8 years in prison for drug trafficking, disputes being behind the trafficking judged in Bordeaux.

He calls into question the wiretapping, at the heart of the procedure, believing that "a single investigator (him) identifies".

His defense has denounced for months the illegality of the transfer from Dubai to France, a "disguised extradition".

After oral argument on Friday, the judgment is expected to be reserved.


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