The September portion of the "Earthquake Reconstruction Special Allocation Tax", which is issued to local governments affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake once every six months, will be reduced to about one-fifth of the total amount due to the completion of many restoration and reconstruction projects 600. It was 100 million yen.

The "Earthquake Reconstruction Special Allocation Tax" is issued by the national government once every six months in March and September to support the finances of local governments affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

At a cabinet meeting on the 3rd, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda reported that a total of 60 billion yen for September will be delivered to the relevant local governments on the 7th of this month.

The total amount of grants for September was about 300 billion yen every year, but 10 years have passed since the earthquake and many restoration and reconstruction projects have been completed, so this is about 5 minutes. It became 1.

Looking at the breakdown, the amount delivered to the prefecture was 13.2 billion yen,

▽ Fukushima prefecture was the largest at 12.8 billion yen,

followed by

▽ Akita prefecture 197 million yen,

▽ Iwate prefecture 99 million yen, etc. It has become.

In addition, in the Exchange amounted to 46.8 billion yen to municipalities,

▽ Kamisu, Ibaraki Prefecture is the most 4.5 billion yen to fund such as the construction costs of a new landfill,


▽ Fukushima Prefecture Minamisoma 29 billion yen,

▽ Abiko City, Chiba Prefecture is worth 2.8 billion yen.