The unspoken words of Monique Olivier begin to annoy while the body of Estelle Mouzin still remains untraceable on the fourth day of excavations carried out in the Ardennes.

“Like the other days, we did not find (…) We searched three times, we went to Sautou, to the pond of Paradise, we cut down the trees (…) It's starting to stretch a little, It's normal, ”said Me Richard Delgenes, lawyer for Monique Olivier, ex-wife of serial killer Michel Fourniret.

"It is not Monique Olivier's fault if we did not find Estelle Mouzin's DNA earlier or that we did not do the right thing for 15 years," he said. -he thinks.

The day before, the victim's family lawyer, Me Didier Seban had affirmed that Monique Olivier "spoke" but "refused" to "give new details".

"She is the co-author with Michel Fourniret of the crimes that we know and therefore, while promising that she does everything, that she wants to help us, there are secrets that she does not want to reveal", had -he adds.

Do not "force" Monique Olivier

"Be careful not to try to force confessions at all costs, elements that she would not have because we would not have done sooner what there was to do", warned Thursday Me Richard Delgenes.

"It is not by saying that Monique Olivier is co-author or responsible for the murders of Michel Fourniret that we will move forward (...) Let's not try to give her the role of Michel Fourniret", who died in Paris on May 10 , he continued.

"She tells the stories quite well until the moment of the death of the victims, after that it is more complicated", he admitted, affirming that there was "a very high probability that the death was given in the Fourniret family house and that the body was buried on the excavated path ”.

During previous excavations in April, Monique Olivier had recognized a role in the sequestration of Estelle, kidnapped at the age of nine, on January 9, 2003 in Guermantes (Seine-et-Marne).

She had specified having accompanied Michel Fourniret to the edge of the wood of Issancourt-et-Rumel (where the excavations are taking place) to let him bury the body, near Ville-sur-Lume, where, still according to her, her ex- husband kidnapped, raped and killed Estelle in 2003.


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