China News Service, Beijing, September 2 (Reporter Zhang Su). Villagers built roads and dams near high-speed rail bridges and filled soil to create land, causing major safety hazards in high-speed rail operations.

The prosecution issued pre-litigation procuratorial recommendations to the administrative department in accordance with the law to promote the implementation of problem rectification.

  This is a guiding case announced by the Supreme People's Procuratorate of China on the 2nd.

The 29th batch of guiding cases issued by it consists of 5 pieces, covering marine environmental protection, solid waste pollution control, high-speed rail safety hazard prevention, natural heritage protection, and traditional village protection.

  China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate’s Eighth Prosecutor’s Office, Hu Weilie, said that since the prosecution of public interest litigation has been fully implemented for more than four years, the prosecution has filed and handled nearly 500,000 public interest litigation cases.

This time, we summarized the comparatively mature experience, practices and useful explorations in local practice that have consensus in all aspects into guiding rules of universal significance.

  "In the absence of special legislation for public interest litigation prosecutions, the existing legislation has been supplemented and refined." He said.

  The newly revised Safety Production Law has been formally implemented, and the procuratorial organs are authorized to initiate public interest litigation against violations of safety production laws.

Hu Weilie emphasized that the value of the system of public interest litigation in the field of production safety lies in preventing and curing diseases before they occur.

  He also said that in response to problems in mines and tailings, railway safety, road traffic, hazardous chemicals, fire protection, industrial parks, urban construction, hazardous waste, flammable and explosive materials, etc., which have strong public feedback and large social impacts , The prosecution will improve its ability to find clues to major safety hazards.

For production and business units that have the main responsibility for safe production, they can explore to put forward civil public interest litigation pre-litigation procuratorial suggestions.