The government's proposal would mean that those who earn SEK 25,000 a month receive SEK 110 more a month, according to Frida Bratt, savings economist at Nordnet.

According to her, the hope with a tax cut is that private individuals will spend more money.

It is then hoped that this will lead to more jobs.

- And when you reduce the tax for those who work, there is often a desire that those who are not in the labor market should apply there, she says.

Tax cuts are used as an injection into the economy, and theoretically it could in the long run affect, for example, interest rates.

- As it sounds to the Minister of Finance, we are in a crisis, but not everyone agrees. In theory, if you then splurge on large stimuli, there are fears that the economy could become overheated. The United States is already talking about it, but we are not there yet, although there is an incipient discussion here.