China News Service, September 1st. According to the website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, in order to further implement the deployment requirements of the State Council on the in-depth promotion of "Internet + government services" and accelerate the construction of a national integrated online government service platform, it is convenient for the masses to use the mobile terminal. Inquiring and handling civil affairs business, recently, the mobile terminal "Cizhengtong" of the integrated civil affairs government service platform was officially launched.

  "Minzhengtong" is composed of three parts: APP client (including 2 versions of IOS and Android), Baidu applet and WeChat applet.

At present, it has access to nearly 50 high-frequency convenience services such as marriage registration appointment service, social organization query, district name query, village (resident) committee information query, and provides user registration and login, smart search, smart Q&A, message consultation, etc. service function.

Among them, users in 7 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) including Tianjin, Hebei, Henan, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Gansu and Tibet can fill in the marriage registration appointment application online through "Cizhengtong".

  According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, everyone is welcome to visit the integrated civil administration service platform (, or scan the QR code below to download, install and use "Civil Administration Link". It will continue to optimize service content and improve system functions. You provide better and more convenient civil and government services.

Image source: Ministry of Civil Affairs website