China News Service, Guangzhou, September 1 (Cai Minjie, Liao Peijin) "Guangzhou Charity Promotion Regulations" came into effect on September 1.

Guangzhou took the lead in launching legislation in the field of philanthropy, using legal methods to lead the development of philanthropy.

According to the above regulations, charitable activities should be carried out in a healthy and orderly manner in accordance with laws and regulations, and through the creation of "online and offline" charity platforms and spaces, and the establishment of a charitable behavior record system, social forces should be widely mobilized to participate in charity.

  According to the person in charge of the Charity and Social Work Division of the Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, the "Guangzhou Charity Promotion Regulations" have established a number of achievements in the field of charity exploration in Guangzhou in the form of legislation.

  In June 2013, Guangzhou established the first third-party social supervision agency for charitable organizations, the Guangzhou Social Supervision Committee of Charity Organizations, to improve charity transparency and credibility; in 2017, Guangzhou innovatively proposed to create a "City of Charity" and plans to build a "City of Charity". A sample of Guangzhou's charity development of "charity for everyone".

  Since 2016, Guangzhou has raised a total of 2.986 billion yuan through a number of charitable activities. The annual growth rate of charitable donations and charitable activities has exceeded 10%, and the compliance rate of charity information disclosure has been 100%.

  The above regulations require Guangzhou charity activities to focus on public participation and sharing by the whole people.

Develop new fundraising methods such as monthly donation, online crowdfunding, and sports crowdfunding; promote charitable donations from donation of money and materials to donation of technology, securities, property rights, services, etc., and encourage the establishment of charitable trusts and other convenient donation activities.

Let charity become a new way of life.

  In order to further build an online charity platform, the "Guangzhou Charity Promotion Regulations" stipulates that the development of Internet charity is encouraged. The civil affairs department, in conjunction with relevant departments, provides assistance in the development and operation of the open fundraising network platform, and releases public fundraising information on the platform in accordance with the law. Carry out public fundraising and other activities for supervision.

  In addition, the "Guangzhou Charity Promotion Regulations" provide for the encouragement and support of the establishment of social supervision agencies for the charity industry.

The civil affairs department shall provide guidance for the evaluation and supervision of charitable organizations and charitable activities by social supervision institutions of the charity industry.

This organization first appeared in charity regulations across China.

  It is understood that in recent years, Guangzhou's exploration in Internet philanthropy has achieved certain results.

Through the establishment of joint fundraising platforms and charity medical assistance platforms, we will provide comprehensive medical assistance services for patients with serious illnesses.

At the same time, the Guangzhou Charity "Time Bank" was launched to create a comprehensive community volunteer service information platform that integrates volunteer service release, volunteer service hour record, point donation and redemption. Currently there are more than 210,000 registered volunteers, accumulating voluntary services The number of hours exceeded 1.39 million hours.

  In this legislation, the "Guangzhou Charity Promotion Regulations" stipulates that government departments shall commend natural persons, legal persons and other organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the development of charity, and create a good atmosphere of charity and honor in the whole society; establish a charity behavior record system Employers are encouraged to preferentially hire applicants with a good record of charitable behavior under the same conditions, and individuals who have made greater contributions to the development of charitable undertakings, and those individuals or family members who encounter difficulties in their lives and apply for assistance, shall give priority to assistance.

  In addition, in order to create a community governance pattern of co-construction, co-governance and sharing, the "Guangzhou Charity Promotion Regulations" stipulate that various public service platforms should be used to provide venues and other conveniences for community charitable activities.

It is understood that as of now, Guangzhou has established a total of 417 community charity funds to promote the sinking of charity resources in the community.

  In order to further strengthen the construction of charity talents, the "Guangzhou Charity Promotion Regulations" formulate talent training and introduction policies, strengthen the training of practitioners, and establish talent training bases.