Of the 440 species, less than 50 trees remain in the wild

Events and photos.. 30% of tree species in the world are at risk of extinction

  • Fires threaten some tree species with extinction.


  • The maple tree is in danger of extinction.


  • The ebony tree has become a rare species.


  • Climate change factors threaten the extinction of some tree species.



A reference report published by the International Organization for the Conservation of Botanic Gardens said on Wednesday that nearly a third of the world's tree species are at risk of extinction, and hundreds of species are already on the verge of extinction.

According to the State of the World's Trees report, 17,500 tree species, which represents about 30% of the world's total species, are endangered, while fewer than 50 trees remain in the wild from 440 species.

The report said the total number of threatened tree species is the same as the number of endangered mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles combined.

"This report is a wake-up call to everyone around the world that trees need help," Paul Smith, Secretary-General of the International Botanic Gardens Conservation Organization, said in a statement.

Among the trees most in danger of extinction are species such as magnolia and winged trees, which are commonly found in the rainforests of Southeast Asia.

The report said oaks, maples and ebony trees are also at risk of extinction.

Trees help support the natural ecosystem and are vital to combating global warming and climate change.

The extinction of one tree species could lead to the loss of many others.

"All types of trees are important, to the millions of other species that depend on those trees, and to people around the world," Smith added.

The report indicated that thousands of species of trees, in the first six countries in the world in terms of multiplicity of tree species, are at risk of extinction.

The largest number in a single country is in Brazil, where 1,788 species have been recorded as facing extinction.

The other five countries are: Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Colombia and Venezuela.

The report stated that the top three threats facing tree species are crop cultivation, logging and livestock farming, while climate change and extreme weather conditions are among the emerging threats.

The report said that at least 180 tree species are directly threatened by rising sea levels and harsh weather, especially those found on islands such as magnolia in the Caribbean.

Although highly diverse countries have the highest number of endangered species, tree species that grow on islands are at greater risk of extinction.

"This is of particular concern, as many of the islands have tree species that cannot be found anywhere else," the report added.

The total number of threatened tree species is the same as the number of threatened mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles combined.

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