China News Service, Beijing, September 1 (Sun Jianping, Guo Chaokai) The reporter learned from China Aerospace Systems Engineering Co., Ltd. on September 1 that the basic measurement product division of Beijing Aerospace Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd., the company's subsidiary, promotes a series of independent major projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Innovative engineering, fully tackling key core technologies of the instrument and achieving key results, developed a series of 100% independent innovation test instrument hardware and software in just 2 years.

  At present, the Ministry has formed six categories of more than one hundred instrument products with independent intellectual property rights, and has strongly supported a number of major national engineering projects, including comprehensive ground testing of Long March series rockets, research and development of new equipment, production testing, and state monitoring of high-end equipment. , Communication equipment testing and maintenance, education and teaching and other fields are widely used.

In the process of tackling key problems, the Aerospace Measurement and Control Company has also successively compiled six national standards and military standards, which promoted the development and growth of the domestic bus instrument industry and enhanced the national independent guarantee capability of high-end instruments, with significant economic and social benefits.

  Hu Zhichen, Secretary of the Second Party Branch and Director of the Basic Measurement Products Division of the Aerospace Measurement and Control Company, introduced: “Measurement is the basis of science. If China is to become a world power in science and technology, the foundation lies in instruments. Especially in recent years, the United States has increased its technological blockade on high-end instruments. It is urgent to realize the independent innovation of instruments in China. As a department of the Aerospace Measurement and Control Company engaged in instrument basic measurement research and development and production, we are mainly responsible for the development of national major engineering projects and localized instruments in key areas. We deserve to be responsible for realizing the localization of basic instruments. This important task."

Engineers are carrying out audio analysis card debugging. Photo courtesy of Beijing Aerospace Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd.

  In recent years, in an environment where R&D investment, personnel scale, technical foundation and other factors are completely behind foreign instrument manufacturers, in order to overcome the key core technologies of the instrument, the second party branch of the Aerospace Measurement and Control Company has specially established "Engineering Demonstration" and "Pioneer Test Instruments" "A number of party member commando teams have gnawed down the hard bones of 100% independent innovation of test instrument hardware and software in a short period of time.

  In the field of key technology research, the party branch established an "engineering demonstration party member" commando, which boldly broke through more than 20 core key technologies, supported the successful establishment of 12 instrument research topics, and improved the aerospace measurement and control company's industry position in the instrument field .

In the past two years, the assault team has successfully established 15 domestically-made instrument research topics and achieved important phased results, and strived for nearly 60 million yuan in innovation funds.

  In the field of localized substitution, the hardest thing to break is the "hard bone" of instrument software. For this reason, the party branch established a "pioneer test instrument" commando to develop instrument VISA (virtual instrument software architecture) under domestic processors and operating systems. ), resource management, software development tools and research and development of a series of instruments.

The Commando has successively broken through a number of technical problems such as VISA library architecture design, multi-bus interface fast support, interface driver adaptation, and online resource automatic search. It has launched a VISA library and software development work platform based on a domestic platform, and has completed nearly 100 The research and development of domestically produced alternative smart instrument products has laid a solid foundation for the independent guarantee of equipment, with annual sales exceeding 100 million yuan.

  According to Hu Zhichen, "In the early measurement and control equipment of the Long March 2F rocket for the Shenzhou 12 launch mission, only 40% of the instruments we developed accounted for. At present, 100% of the new measurement and control equipment developed by the rocket is made by us. Instruments.” Similarly, foreign instruments accounted for as much as 50% of the early measurement and control equipment of the overall project unit. After years of hard work, in the proportion of the project’s measurement and control equipment, the domestically produced measurement and control equipment developed and produced by the Aerospace Measurement and Control Company The proportion has reached 100%.