He was caught up in his past.

A 74-year-old man was sentenced Tuesday by the Brest criminal court to five years in prison, including one year suspended, for sexually assaulting his daughter, reports

Le Télégramme


The facts go back more than thirty years when the girl was between 4 and 7 years old.

It was not until 2016 that the latter had the courage to file a complaint.

Eight years earlier, she had discovered during a family discussion that her two brothers had also been sexually assaulted by their father.

A complaint was filed in 2009 but the facts were then prescribed, specifies the daily.

The question of prescription at the heart of the debates

At the hearing held on July 5, the question of the statute of limitations arose again.

But the legislative changes that have taken place in recent years on limitation periods have finally led to the conviction of the father.

Before the judges, the latter had admitted sexual assault committed on his children but not rape.

In addition to the prison sentence, the septuagenarian will have to take care of himself and compensate his daughter with whom he is prohibited from coming into contact.


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