According to a press release from Stora Enso, 100 people have found new work within Stora Enso or with an external employer.

Most of the 340 employees who are laid off will leave in November.

It was in April that Stora Enso announced its plans to close down pulp and paper production in Kvarnsveden due to the declining paper market. Following the negotiations, it is now clear that production will be shut down on the last day of September 2021, while the customer service center in Kvarnsveden will be shut down by 31 December 2021. Energy production will continue to be in operation, but only to produce district heating and to heat buildings on the facility.

When the plans for closure were presented in April this year, it was estimated that a maximum of 440 employees would be affected.

As a result of the negotiations, 340 people will be laid off, according to the press release.

Stora Enso states that it offers support in the transition to affected employees, including financial support for training and moving to work in another location.

Employees who want to start their own company will also be offered financial support. 

Work is also underway to find future business opportunities for the facility in Kvarnsveden in collaboration with Borlänge Municipality and other regional and national stakeholders.

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- We have hired about 70 additional people, Stora Enso's construction manager told SVT Gävledala in 2004. See the construction of the machine hall here.