Governor Hirai of Tottori Prefecture was officially elected as the new president of the National Governors' Association, and Mr. Hirai emphasized his determination to do everything in his power to combat the new coronavirus.

The National Governors' Association held a national governor's meeting in Tokyo on the 30th, and officially elected Governor Shinji Hirai of Tottori Prefecture, who was elected the other day without a vote, as the new chairman to succeed Governor Iizumi of Tokushima Prefecture.

Mr. Hirai is from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and has served as acting general manager of the new coronavirus emergency response headquarters at the National Governors' Association.

At the meeting, Mr. Hirai said, "Corona is in an unprecedented crisis and will start in a very severe worst situation, but we can never lose. It can not be done if 47 governors are united. There is nothing to do, "he said, emphasizing his determination to do everything in his power to combat corona.

And at a press conference after the meeting, Mr. Hirai said about future corona measures, "Reducing the number of infected people should be the starting point, but I am frustrated that the national policy may be skipping it. Some governors have a feeling. I would like to ask the government to take measures that go beyond conventional methods. "

The term of office of Arata Hirai will be two years from the 3rd of next month.