Eric Ciotti, deputy and departmental councilor Les Républicains (LR) des Alpes-Maritimes and candidate for the primary that his party could organize in the context of the 2022 presidential election, called on Saturday for a "peaceful campaign", before his speech of candidacy in Levens, in the Nice hinterland.

"It is a campaign that I wish serene, peaceful, on ideas," the deputy for Nice told the press, before speaking in front of about 2,000 of his supporters seated in a rural atmosphere.

"The French look with concern at the threats weighing on France, they must be given answers in unity," insisted Eric Ciotti, two days after unveiling his candidacy for the Republican primary.

A family gathered

“Our family must be united, united, I have no opponents in this election, only friends, whether Xavier Bertrand, Valérie Pécresse, Philippe Juvin or Michel Barnier, maybe others, we have a duty of unity, ”he continued. "We know that at the exit it will only take one candidate, if there are two, it is not even worth going further", warned Eric Ciotti: "It is not a quarrel, much less a war, it is a process of gathering which will allow the voters to choose the best or the best for France ”.

During this primary Eric Ciotti intends to put forward "strong ideas" such as "the right of blood to obtain French nationality, not to become French by chance", "a flat tax on income tax" or " the very sharp reduction in inheritance taxes ”.

Give meaning and friendships

Likewise Eric Ciotti intends to make proposals "to give a new meaning to the course of the Republican school" as well as for "a major climate preservation policy, with science and progress as solutions, in particular through nuclear energy. ".

During his speech, referring to his "friends" Laurent Wauquiez and Bruno Retailleau, ultimately not candidates for this primary, Eric Ciotti launched "an appeal to all those who share with (him) this fight to defend together a strong France served by a strong right ”.

It is September 25 that the LR members, during a virtual congress, should endorse or not this process of primary on the right.

Until then, polls should make it possible to calibrate the contenders.

Xavier Bertrand, ex-LR, who for the moment is ahead of his rivals in the polls, but without crushing the match, has so far categorically excluded from participating in any primary.


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