▲ The next submachine gun developed by Company A

Five months have passed since the first disclosure of the secret leak of the next sub-machine gun for special operations was reported by SBS on March 30th.

A reservist officer who stole secrets and several executives from a defense company who illegally acquired secrets have been arrested and indicted.

Trials were also held several times.

The secrets leaked to the company aren't just about the next submachine gun.

It turned out to be plentiful and abundant.

Since this company has won not only the next submachine gun development project but also the new rifle K2C1 mass production project, the impact of this case in which executives including the CEO were involved in leaking gun-related secrets is not simple.

It is highly likely that they will be excluded from these businesses, and it is difficult to predict whether they will be able to maintain their position as a defense industry in the future.

There are many leaked secrets as well as very sensitive ones that shake security, so the DAPA is also watching the progress of the trial with a hawk eye.

Although this company was designated as a gun-related defense company 5 years ago and has a short business history, it is like a fortune in the industry that has a solid mania by releasing distinctive rifles.

As a result, people are very interested in the development of the case.

So, I will introduce the behind-the-scenes information of the case that was revealed during the SBS coverage and trial.

What Happened at the National Assembly Seminar in the Spring of 2019

In March 2019, a seminar was held at the National Assembly regarding the next submachine gun for special forces.

This event is hosted by an organization in which a reserve general who has a close relationship with the special forces plays a leading role.

Because it was before the outbreak of COVID-19, interested people visited the seminar in person, and some active-duty soldiers such as special forces officers also participated.

The reservist general hosted the discussion and introduced the seminar as "a place to find alternatives while freely exchanging opinions centered on guns and optical equipment, which are the core of the Warrior platform business."

“Especially in the case of firearms, special forces soldiers want the level of the foreign-made HK416, but I think that ○○○○○○○, which is produced by domestic company A as an OEM (with original equipment manufacturer’s trademark), is also a good choice in terms of parts procurement and price.” I did.

A reserve general close to the special forces united active duty soldiers and publicly supported a specific model of a specific company as the next submachine gun for special operations use.

This is a behavior that is difficult to see as appropriate.

Company A, praised by the reserve general, is the very company that caused the leak of secrets for the next submachine gun for special operations.

It is known that the Security Support Command has been paying attention to Company A since then.

Some officials from the DAPA heard what happened at the seminar in 2019 only after the incident came to light, and they all gasped.

Orders from companies that the National Assembly seminar focused on, and search and seizure

The military authorities are working on a project to replace the special forces submachine gun K1A.

Since the K1A is an old model that has been developed for 45 years, the overall accuracy and durability are inferior compared to the latest overseas models.

You cannot attach sights, lights, etc.

The military plans to develop a new submachine gun and introduce 16,000 from 2024.

Company A, which received public praise at the National Assembly seminar in March 2019, was selected as the preferred bidder for the next submachine gun development project for special forces use in June last year.

However, within a month, the Security Support Command seized and searched Company A.

Various military secrets were poured from the PC of executives including the CEO.

The secrets were given to Company A by Song Mo, a sales executive, while he was an active duty officer.

The military prosecution first arrested and indicted Song, and the first trial was held at the Ministry of National Defense General Military Court on the 13th of last month.

According to the indictment filed by the military prosecutors, Song was a 5.56mm special operations submachine gun, 5.56mm next-generation light machine gun (K-15), and a new 7.62mm machine gun (K -12) and 12.7mm sniper rifle business, he delivered military secrets to company A officials at his dormitory, etc.

In addition, he promised to help Company A win the gun development project that is expected to be ordered by the DAPA, and is also accused of receiving 6 million won in cash and gift certificates from Mr.

Song acknowledged the allegation of leaking confidential information, but denied the return of money and valuables and employment.

"Secret leak incident that could neutralize special forces"

In addition to Song, there are four other executives indicted in this case, including CEO Kim. They are accused of illegally collecting military secrets related to the next submachine gun, machine gun, and sniper rifle to be introduced by the Army Special Forces six times, and providing money and entertainment to military insiders who helped them.

The first trial was held at the Jeonju District Court on the 10th. Like Song, who is undergoing a military trial, they also admitted to stealing secrets. However, Dae Dae-sung denied it, saying, "I never received classified military information from Song in exchange for a job."

At the trial, it was confirmed that, in addition to confidential firearms, documents containing tactical and strategic information of counter-terrorism and special warfare units were also leaked. Simply put, it is a special forces operation manual and strategic development blueprint. If it falls into the hands of a hostile force, the Special Forces can be incapacitated to a significant extent. Prosecutors pointed out at the trial, "If leaked outside, the military's tactical intentions and mid-to-long-term strategies will be exposed, which may pose a significant threat to national security."

The military court and the Jeonju District Court will continue their trials for several more months, but looking at the allegations that have been made so far, it is a case of leaking confidential information. Beyond money-making secrets, even top secrets that could compromise security were leaked.

Aside from the judgment on the executives, what the fate of Company A will be is the interest of the military, the DAPA, and the industry. First, the development project for the next submachine gun for special operations and the mass production project for the K2C1 rifle, which Company A ordered, have been temporarily suspended for several months. There are not many people who think that Company A will carry out the two businesses without problems. The serious problem is that, as the decision on what to do with the two businesses is delayed one by one, the electrification of the new submachine gun and the K2C1 rifle is delayed without any promise.

The possibility of revocation of designation of Company A as a defense industry is being raised under the Defense Acquisition Act. Article 48 of the same law stipulated that the violation of the pledge of integrity by the CEO and executives was the reason for the cancellation of the designation as a defense industry. Since Company A submitted a pledge in the name of the representative to conduct business with integrity in the next submachine gun and K2C1 project, there is a high possibility of violating Article 48. The DAPA said, "We will take strict action according to the outcome of the trial." A high-ranking official of the Army, which is a major requisition for firearms, said, "If it is a company leaking confidential information like this, the DAPA and the military should make a sober judgment."