China News Service, August 28. According to a report by the US Chinese website, a poll released by Reuters/Ipsos on the 27th showed that due to the resurgence of the new crown epidemic slowing down the economic recovery, U.S. President Biden is losing the interest of independent voters. support.

This support decline comes at a time when Biden is in the first year of his presidency, and his government is being criticized for its response to the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

  According to reports, independent voters refer to voters who do not have a clear party affiliation; this group is the key to the Democratic Party's victory in the White House and Congress in the 2020 election.

Data map: US President Biden.

  The polls were conducted from August 13th to 19th.

The results showed that independent voters’ support for Biden dropped by 14 percentage points; their recognition of Biden’s response to the epidemic dropped by 19 percentage points.

Just over half (53%) of independent voters approve of Biden's anti-epidemic performance.

  According to the report, polls show that although independent voters have begun to stay away from Biden, their perceptions of the epidemic and anti-epidemic measures are still similar to those of Biden and Democrats.

For example, 66% of independent voters support mandatory mask orders on indoor and transportation vehicles, and 25% oppose it.

55% of people support the request to vaccinate employees who return to the office, and 37% oppose it.

  As for who is responsible for the renewal of the epidemic, 47% of independent voters point to those who have not been vaccinated, and 12% believe that Biden is responsible for this.

  Robert Brandon, a public opinion expert on health at Harvard University, pointed out that the decline in Biden's approval rating is more likely to be due to people's boredom with the continued epidemic, rather than policies directed at him.

Democratic strategist Josh Schwerin suggested that Biden and Democrats should continue to draw a line between those Republicans who refuse to enforce mask and vaccine measures.

  The Russian Satellite News Agency reported on the 26th that critics continued to condemn Biden's Afghanistan-related decisions and expressed concerns about his ability to work.

A recent poll by Echelon Insights, a polling and data analysis company, shows that 51% of Americans do not want to see Biden run for reelection, while 34% of respondents hold the opposite view.

  A recent poll by the National Broadcasting Corporation of the United States (NBC) showed that due to the surge in new crown cases nationwide and the uproar caused by his government’s handling of the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden’s approval rating continued to decline, with 48% of registered voters. Said they did not approve of the president's overall work performance.