A family of six sitting together while having a meal managed to avoid a fatal accident.

On the 26th local time, foreign media such as the Indian daily 'The Tribune' reported that the dizzying accident scene that took place at a house in Bac Ninh Province, northern Vietnam in July, was attracting attention online.

An indoor security camera video filmed on July 8 showed four adults and two children sitting around the center of the living room and eating.

Then, suddenly, something big fell over the heads of the family.

It was a 'ceiling fan' that was fixed to the ceiling and spinning.

The ceiling fan, which rotated rapidly and cut through the air, crashed to the floor with a roar.

Astonished by the accident that occurred in the blink of an eye, the family swept their hearts down only after checking the location where the ceiling fan had fallen.

Surprisingly, the fan blades were seated between the seats of the family and no one was injured.

In particular, a child, smaller than a ceiling fan, was able to escape from a dangerous accident thanks to the precise fit between its wings.

At that time, netizens who saw the video responded in various ways, such as "It's a great miracle. You can be so lucky", "I'm really happy because I'm a ceiling fan without a few wings", "After seeing this, I'll try to fix the ceiling fan as soon as I get home." was seen.

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(Photo='ViralHog' Twitter)