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least two explosions, presumed to be suicide bombings, have occurred in the last night of our time near Kabul Airport, Afghanistan. While 12 Americans are known to have been killed, foreign media reports have also reported that 90 people have been killed in the attack. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

Reporter Park Won-kyung reports.


White smoke rises with a roar near Kabul Airport, Afghanistan.

A person with a bandage on his head is rushed to the hospital.

Two explosions occurred near Kabul Airport, where an evacuation operation was taking place yesterday afternoon (26th) local time in Afghanistan.

The explosions occurred near the gates of Kabul airport and near the hotel more than 200 meters from the airport entrance.

[Mackenzie / U.S. Central Command: The explosion killed 12 Americans and wounded 15 others. Many Afghan residents were also injured or killed.]

Afghan government officials said at least 60 people were killed and more than 140 were injured in the explosion.

The US embassy in Kabul issued a security alert immediately after the explosion to Americans to get out of the vicinity of the airport.

The Pentagon believes the Islamic State militant group IS behind the explosion, raising the possibility of further terrorism.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, but ISIS is known for its conflicts with the Taliban, which have taken control of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, US CBS broadcaster, citing Afghan health officials, reported that the death toll from the attack had risen to 90.

However, it has not been confirmed exactly whether 12 Americans were included in this number.